Dangerous Minds


Biography / Drama

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Michelle Pfeiffer as Louanne Johnson
Paula Garcés as Alvina
Danny Strong as Student
Lorraine Toussaint as Irene Roberts
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Enrique-Sanchez-56 7 / 10

Surprisingly Inspirational

I had no interest in seeing this movie when it came out in 1995. It just seemed to be another movie about angry inner city youth struggling to graduate from high school. So running into this tonight, I finally decided go give in and give it a watch.

My final assessment is that although this movie bears comparison to a long list of great-teacher-inspires-kids movies, I now embrace the movie because Michelle's portrayal brings it over the top, also, I was positively impressed with Renoly Santiago's honest and sensitive reading.

It is easy, as I am ample testament, to dismiss movies that appear to be clones, but since this was reportedly based on a true story of an ex-military woman, it either demonstrates that the story does not emerge from the minds of banal-thinking writers, but from fact, or that the stories like these repeat themselves daily in the fabric of America and need to be told under as many guises as there are stories. WHY? Because all of us need inspiration and hope in our lives.

Reviewed by mjw2305 8 / 10

I Really Liked this Movie

This movie gives us a little hope that there are people in the world prepared to go to extreme lengths for the good of others. This is a heart warming story, and although at times it's quite tragic, it shows a growing bond between a group of socially discarded students and a very special teacher.

Michelle Pfeiffer's performance is simply wonderful, she captures the passion and warmth of her character perfectly. The rest of the cast are a little mixed, but there is plenty of strength in their performances to cover any cracks.

Overall this is a highly emotional and educational journey, that is enjoyable to watch.

8/10 If you enjoyed this watch 187, its even better.

Reviewed by castro_la_bonita77 10 / 10

As Good As It Gets

For anyone who's lived the life portrayed in this movie are the only one's who truly know it's essence and value. For those who call it 'questionable' apparently haven't lived life outside of a plastic bubble. Dangerous Minds is an excellent adaption in its own and holds many memories for me and for others as well. I can't imagine someone not taking to this film. and being infinitely inspired. People tend to forget where movies originate from, they mainly based on real events and real life itself and what life is really about. I'll never forget what this movie has taught me and what it won't ever let me forget. Dangerous Minds is about love, hate, fear, and strength. Dangerous Minds is about life.

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