Raiders of San Joaquin


Action / Adventure / Music / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomwal 6 / 10

Film Review

This 1943 entry from Universal rivals Republic for production values and entertainment value. Raiders of San Joaquin stars Johnny Mack Brown and Tex Ritter when both were in their prime, Director Lewis Collins gives both stars their lead and they are excellent. Brown plays the son of a railroad vice president sent by his father to find out why people are losing their ranches for railroad property rights. Ritter turns outlaw after his father is killed protecting their ranch. This is a change of pace for Ritter who usually plays a singing cowboy /lawman.In turn Brown sets out to find the mastermind that causing all the trouble for the ranchers.As for most of "b" westerns,everything is neatly wrapped up in about an hour. The movie features a capable supporting cast led by Fuzzy Knight as comic relief,Jennifer Holt,and the Jimmy Wakely Trio providing some nice singing. Tex Ritter was a very good singer with a warm baritone voice. He provides one nice song for the movie. The movie is lensed by William Sickner in fine fashion,and Hans Salter provides a rousing score.Lots of action and a good example of the "b" western genre from Universal Pictures.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Two cowboy heroes for Jennifer Holt

Raiders Of San Joaquin finds Johnny Mack Brown, son of the railroad president doing a job of investigation. Rumors of trouble with railroad getting the right of way has brought Brown in incognito with friends Fuzzy Knight and the Jimmy Wakely Trio for musical interludes.

Tex Ritter and Jennifer Holt are the children of neighboring ranchers who are the last holdouts. When Ritter's father is killed he goes on a rampage.

The railroad's purchasing agent George Eldredge has gone into business on his own. And the one behind him is not the usual sort of villain one found in B westerns of the day.

And with two cowboy heroes it's not really clear who Jennifer Holt is going to wind up with. She's a winner either way.

B western fans will also approve.

Reviewed by alan-pratt 8 / 10

Two heroes for the price of one

No need for a spoiler alert as the plot is largely incomprehensible. Suffice to say, it concerns signed and unsigned contracts, transfer of deeds and rights of way.

But, this is, of course a B western so no-one cares as long as all the other ingredients are in place and they are with a vengeance! We have two heroes for the price of one with Johnny Mack Brown and Tex Ritter slugging it out - although they are, of course, ultimately on the same side - Jennifer Holt, who just has to be (for a whole string of reasons) the best leading lady in the entire genre and Fuzzy Knight providing the necessary comic relief with aplomb. There are songs from Knight and the excellent Jimmy Wakely Trio and Tex, in his instantly recognisable style, warbles yet another ditty about a "carefree cowboy".

And despite all of these pleasant diversions, there is still plenty of room for fist fights, chases, holdups, shootouts and out of control stagecoaches before Johnny and Tex bring the bad guys to justice.

One minor quibble, I found George Eldredge (who?) a bit non-descript as the lead villain. But then, I suppose there must have been times when Roy Bancroft was unavailable....

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