Young Sherlock Holmes


Adventure / Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller

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Nicholas Rowe as Sherlock Holmes
Sophie Ward as Elizabeth Hardy
Freddie Jones as Chester Cragwitch
Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Det. Sgt. Lestrade
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by equipage 9 / 10

Stands the test of time...

I feel one of the true tests of a good movie is how it holds up over time. Can't believe it has been 18 years since I first viewed this little gem, and it was as good today as in 1985! Among other reasons, the Holmes and Watson characters were obviously cast for their youthful likeness to the characters in the old Basil Rathbone series of movies. Take a good look! This a wonderful penning of the proposed early days of the two and a very original concept. Probably only true Holmes officiandos will see some obvious references to the adult Rathbone character, and these add to the cleverness of this version. Make certain to stay 'til the end of the credits; Sherlock Holmes fans will receive an ingenious clue to the his "future".

Reviewed by strahd98 10 / 10

Very Good Movie

Young Sherlock Holmes was one of the best movies I saw when I was a kid and it amazes me up to this day.London was pictured perfectly by Barry Levinson with the help of course of Stephen Goldblatt (the cinematographer). The spcial effect by ILM was brilliant and they were the milestone of the special effects of today.The music of Bruce Broughton is one of the best of the 80's. The acting is good for this kind of film, not bad but not brilliant either. The script written by Chris Colombus (director of Harry Potter Films) is very good and it keeps you guessing up until the end. Watch this movie and you won't be dissapointed. (Wait after the end credits roll to see one last scene...)

Reviewed by Rich-99 9 / 10

An enjoyable non Doyle Holmes story

There are probably more Sherlock Holmes stories not written by Conan Doyle than were written by him. Some are quite bad but every now and then a good one comes along. "Young Sherlock Holmes"is one of the better ones and works on the premise that Holmes and Watson did not meet as adults in "A Study In Scarlett" but in boarding school. Of course they are in London where the young Holmes detects a link between a series of bizarre murders (depicted in some lively and imaginative special effects). The game is afoot and along the way (with a slight tongue in cheek) we learn where Holmes picked up some of his more famous trademarks and most infamous nemesis. A well written script, fine cast of actors and a physical production that recreates late 19th century London in grand fashion. A film to sit back and enjoy.

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