Glass Jaw


Drama / Sport / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 3695


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Jaime Camil as Erik Ryan
Jon Gries as Sam Austin
Mark Rolston as Frank Maloney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timre-87252 10 / 10

Great movie

Wow, it is very refreshing to finally watch a movie with a real life message. I already watched it more than 3 times, Enjoyed it everytime. The story moves you To tear up, get mad, get happy and Lots of other emotions from the first minute to the last. Must see.

Reviewed by robmilez 1 / 10

Imdb rating is fixed

I never realised you could place a false rating on imdb untill i read the reviews then watched this movie, i gave it a chance and survived 60 minutes, acting is terrible, it could've been good with a better director and better actors.

Reviewed by kerrypope-89895 10 / 10

One of the best movies of 2018!

Glass Jaw was one of the best independent movies of 2018! This coming-of-age story is very inspirational to many who have been through hard times. In the end, it exhibits the fact that if you have unconditional love, nothing or no one can stop you. I once stated on twitter that the films stars (and real-life couple) Lee Kholafai and Korrina Rico are just too talented to be in the same room together! They proved my theory to be more that true as they shattered my expectations. Two good-looking people with great personalities and excellent talent! Their onscreen chemistry reigned in excellence as they told the tale of a couple who lets love guide them through trying times. What can I say? If you believe in soulmates, I can guarantee you that these two are it onscreen and in real life. Seeing Jaime Camil in the film also provides us a bit of comic relief as well once we discover he enjoys underground boxing (which he is not very good at!) Rapper Lil Bossie does an outstanding job showing off his thespian skills as an actor in his film debut as well. Glass Jaw Great Movie and a Must Watch!

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