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Denzel Washington as Pvt. Trip
Morgan Freeman as Sgt. Maj. John Rawlins
Cary Elwes as Maj. Cabot Forbes
Matthew Broderick as Col. Robert Gould Shaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 8 / 10

U.S. Civil War Actions Through Eyes Of A Union Army Youngster

Movie Review: "Glory" (1989)

Under Columbia Pictures' affiliate Tristar becomes the exceptionally-humane "Civil-War" action-drama with encouraging thoughts of turning abolished slavery within the Northern Blue-Coat Union into the state of soldiering labor, letting "Glory" directed by Edward Zwick become a redeeming kind of a war-movie fairy-tale to a relentless drive in the hearts of any U.S. American citizen as long-lived immigrant on North American soil to stand up, fight for a cause and if personal belief becomes forfeit to die from it; here entertainingly as suspenseful conflicted writings by another real-life personalty of U.S. American estranged 19th century turning into acting interpretations by Matthew Broderick, who gives face to a seemingly timid, yet courage-finding just-Colonel-promoted Robert Gould Shaw at age 25, putting on all boundaries crossing towards his way pushings in order to create an infamous suicide platoon of the Union Army, detailed-researched and visually-dramatized by director Edward Zwick, charging toward an inconceivable Confederate coast-guarding fortress "Fort Wagner" on Morris Island, South Carolina on July 18th 1863.

"Glory" finds its strength in outstanding supportive performances, ranging from Denzel Washington, at Oscar-winning age of 34, with rarely-seen exposures of disobedience as runaway slave "Trip" turning Union private; and audience-witnesses of the overdue acting-breakthrough by 51-year-old Morgan Freeman to let this favorably-paced motion picture with its 115-Minute-editorial by Steven Rosenblum, which just misses a Best Picture nomination against a seemingly emotional-wider-spreading against an unforgettable uplifting premise shot with "Field of Dreams" (1989) starring Kevin Costner as internal-voice-hearing Iowa corn farmer; nevertheless here "Civil-War" actions technically as flawlessly-received in cinematography by Freddie Francis (1917-2007) and production design endeavors in favors to utmost accurancy from a battlefront-raging opening of desolation to no-win-situations between the Northern Union and Southern Confederates, given director Edward Zwick emotional space to develop the main character R.G. Shaw's story with less-to-no suspension loss, but then again missing a close-to-certain Best Director nomination by trusting solely on Glory's inevitable already historically as screenplay-given conclusion.

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Reviewed by benfthomas 8 / 10

Glory; Civil War movie

The battle scenes are very captivating and always kept me on the edge of my seat. The underscoring music throughout the movie was very moving and each piece that proceeded the next fit the timing in which it was placed in the movie. After watching this movie you will feel and become more informed on the behind the scenes of fighting during the civil war, especially for an all black regiment, which was an unprecedented breakthrough for the time period. Overall an interesting and mesmerizing movie to watch, you will have a hard time taking your eyes off of it.

Reviewed by jennaguarinocc 10 / 10

A Great Civil War Movie

Glory allows people to develop an understanding of the issues of the time. The men of the 54th regiment have dealt with slavery, sacrifice and the fight for freedom and respect. It is exciting to watch the growth of the characters throughout the movie. Two examples of characters that showed significant growth are Shaw and Trip. Robert Shaw begins as a captain in the Battle of Antietam who has trouble handling the outcomes of war. By the end, Shaw has advanced to colonel of the 54th massachusetts infantry who is willing to do anything for his men both in and out of battle. Trip starts off as a bitter runaway slave, who through the help of Robert, Rawlins and others, later learns to open up to his fellow soldiers and be a true leader for all. The strength and courage of the 54th regiment allowed them to overcome previous stereotypes and earn the respect of many. This movie is a great representation of the historical events that formed our nation and I would highly recommend it.

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