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Sam Elliott as Brig. Gen. John Buford
Maxwell Caulfield as Col. Strong Vincent
C. Thomas Howell as Lieut. Thomas D. Chamberlain
Stephen Lang as Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Holly26547 10 / 10

A Woman's Perspective

This is one of my favorite movies, and the comments of fans on this site notwithstanding, I think it was underrated. From the first time I saw it, it exemplified a personal theory that women (until very recently) rarely see men at their very finest, and that is unfortunately often (obviously not always)in battle. The courage, commitment and humanity that this movie portrays, on both sides of the conflict, moves me to tears every time, and the humanity is key. I don't know enough about the battle to point out any glaring historical inaccuracies, but the acting was exemplary across the board, with Jeff Daniels outstanding. The battle at Little Round Top is one of the finest movie scenes I've witnessed. I particularly like the expressions of respect and awe on the faces of Chamberlin's men when he tells them to "fix bayonets". What's striking is that there was no "good" choice; there was a clear and compelling objective in a much bigger picture, and this schoolteacher rose to the challenge, and his men went with him. This movie conveys a lot-through the long philosophical discourses and the action-about how people behave when they are inextricably joined with other people, for a cause that they don't fully understand, charged with a responsibility that no individual should bear, and with the desire mainly to return to the way things were before. It conveys a lot about true leadership and sacrifice. It conveys that individual choices and motivations always impact others, sometimes on huge scales. Guys, I don't know if you can convince your wives/girlfriends to cuddle up with this film, but I would make the attempt; there are obviously very ugly things that people did to each other in this and any conflict, but if I ever got a sense of the nobility of men and their push in this world, it was from this film.

Reviewed by glgioia 10 / 10

Gets Better Each Time

Utterly superb dramatization of the turning point battle of the Civil War. A clash so enormous in scale that whoever won, was destined to win the war. Brilliantly directed and screenwritten with top notch moving performances by all. Almost makes you understand why so many people are into those reenactment things.

I think to fully appreciate the more intelligent war films, you almost have to know the battle in detail going in. The movie uses dialogue to try and explain whats happening, but its extremely hard to conceptualize without the aid of graphics. I'm not saying you won't enjoy this film without a firm grasp of the battle details, only that you will enjoy it much more if you are able to do a little reading beforehand. Either way, see it. I am truly amazed by the depth of feeling all these guys were able to put into this project. Daniels and Berenger, in particular, give Oscar caliber performances. A total home run.

Reviewed by SnugglySoft 10 / 10

My favorite movie of all time!

This is undoubtedly my favorite movie of all time. Martin Sheen and Jeff Daniels give, in my opinion, the greatest performances of their careers. The music and cinematography is also excellent.

I have heard of complaints that this movie is too long. But to fully understand the story, it takes this much footage to make the movie complete.

I think that Ronald F. Maxwell did an excellent job in taking "The Killer Angels" (the book that the movie is based on) and turning it into a movie. The trilogy of novels surrounding this story i.e. "Gods and Generals", "The Killer Angels", and "The Full Measure" are excellent reads for any war or history buff and I would strongly recommend them.

The battle scenes are also very realistic. This movie was a dream for every civil war reenactor alive. Thousands came from across the country to be in this movie. They were not paid with money, but paid with the chance to reenact their passion for history on the same fields where their ancestors spilled there blood over 100 years ago. That is a feat in itself.

In conclusion, this movie is a 10. It makes me cry every time I watch it. The acting, cinematography, and music, make history come to life. Go and see it! Can't wait till "Gods and Generals" comes out!

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