God's Not Dead


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 38077


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Dean Cain as Marc Shelley
Kevin Sorbo as Professor Radisson
Shane Harper as Josh Wheaton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheologyMajor 5 / 10

Decent, but predictable and stereotypical of watered down Christianity.

On the plus side, the movie is easy going and watchable, and the main actor is likable and true to his character.

The movie portrays a quite stereotypical liberal new evangelical type Christianity and puts it in comparison with the apparently harsh religion of Islam. As depicting the duck dynasty works salvation liberal church as Christian, as well as propagating ecumenicalism, the film obviously wishes to attract all sorts of Christian denominations as it's audience, although by doing so the film deviates from biblical Christianity.

Besides this, the college professor has an attitude towards religion that is expressively hostile and likely against the first amendment, some more subtleness in dialogue could have served to gain some more credibility.

The movie could have used a religious fact check and a larger budget.

Reviewed by cogeorge-17949 8 / 10

It's a Good Movie

This movie is great with some inspirational lines in its script. I believe different people have different perspectives to this movie - it's only natural atheists and the like would likely support Radisson and rate the movie as implicative of writing off people who don't believe in God; whilst Christians would see this movie as an apologia.

On the bright side of my 8/10 rating, the message of the plot is simple and clear: a lone Christian student defending his faith in God against his atheist lecturer and in the presence of others who, perhaps are halting between opinions of the existence, or otherwise nonexistence of God. It's symbolic of very few true and faithful Christians in the world today ready to give up their lives for the gospel. The actors did a good job

On the other hand, the movie's short of my 2-star rating, firstly because of some unrelated, perhaps unfinished subplots. What happened to Ayisha who converted to Christianity after being disowned? Or, the lady with cancer: was she healed, or did she die like the professor? Speaking of the professor, I totally disagree with his demise in the movie. It's more like a tragedy to me because he died, and for it, I was almost indifferent for the remainder of the movie. There are other situations that could lead to his conversion but by an accident and resulting death. The healing of Amy after she was written off as slowly ebbing away can do it, in addition to the convicting impact already made by the freshman. Thirdly, I disagree with the flat-out compliance by 99.9% of the class to renounce their faith for cheap passmark. Unless that city is a hometown of atheists, I don't understand why there was nobody else to stand by Wheaton in not writing the "god is dead" thing, even if they don't voice it out.

Beyond these minor flaws, it is a great movie. I bet the producers don't realize the how convicting some lines in the script were. One of my favorite was: "Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn't want them turning to God" by Mina's mother. It includes some great points for the defense of Christianity.

Reviewed by sisterspodcast 9 / 10

Great movie. Why do ppl hate it?

This was a great movie, and I don't see why people hate it. It's about a proud Christian kid standing up for his religious beliefs, even in a hardcore secular environment. I didn't like the ending so much: it felt too rushed, sudden, and choppy. But overall it was a great movie.

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