Making the Grade


Comedy / Romance

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Judd Nelson as Eddie Keaton
Dan Schneider as Blimp
Gordon Jump as Mr. Harriman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin_imdb 8 / 10

Come on, don't be a curmudgeon.

You have to take this movie for what it is and when it was released. The characters are likable and the dialogue doesn't try too hard to be funny; it just is.

Granted, some of the appeal may be nostalgic at this point; it's hard to imagine how this looks to a first-time viewer today. OK, some parts are bound to be ridiculous; there is a break-dancing scene and accompanying music that are hopelessly dated... then again break-dancing does appear to be making a comeback.

I'm not a huge Andrew Dice Clay fan, but this movie is where the "Diceman" character originated.

The actor who plays Palmer Woodrow wrote the movie The Burbs, as it turns out.

Reviewed by Mister-6 5 / 10

Are we grading on a curve?

SEE Judd Nelson break-dance! SEE Andrew "Dice" Clay before he got more famous and less funny! SEE what ALL '80s teen comedies were like, more or less!

"Making the Grade". Let's see... basically, a loser student (Olsen) pays off another loser (Nelson) to pretend to be him so he can pass his classes and graduate (for some inheritance or something, I don't know - this is not one of those movies that celebrate the joys of higher learning).

And, of course, all the hips trends of 1984 are there for you to drink in till you're positively drunk from all the flash, trash and splash of the Gimmie Decade. Not just the aforementioned break-dancing display, but also some of the tackiest clothes you've seen since your last garage sale, an almost ALL synthesizer sound track and a Brat Packer!

If you love the '80s, you gotta catch "Making the Grade". Not for the story, mind you...just for "the experience".

Five stars. "Making the Grade" - barely passing, needs work on its social skills, recommend less time around the Diceman.

Reviewed by orb-caddyshack 10 / 10

Excellent comedy!

Very funny movie, very entertaining characters. Palmer was the top dog, every scene he was in, every line he had, was HILARIOUS!!! Some great early work by the Diceman. His imitation of John Travolta was great! The Coach was very funny too; best scenes were when he stumbles into the X-rated movie, and when he comes home with the hookers. Gordon Jump (Big Guy from WKRP) was his usual bumbling, funny self. During the final credits, they say Palmer and Eddie will be back in "Tourista"; unfortunately for us they never made it. Big mistake, Tourista would have been great!

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