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Jane Russell as Amanda Lawrence
Jeff Chandler as Jonathan Dartland
Dabbs Greer as Bus Driver
Barton MacLane as Jim Mablett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LanceWis 10 / 10

Jane Russell & Jeff Chandler ignite the screen in this Universal soap opera!

1955's "Foxfire" has several things going for it -- mainly the star power of Jane Russell and Jeff Chandler. They are very sexy together and their chemistry permeates this film. Their performances are subtle yet resonate with honest emotion. Both actors have a natural style of acting which allows the viewer to swallow the script's melodramatic clichés without rejecting the whole scenario of a New York socialite impulsively marrying an Arizona miner. Here Russell once again shows that she was in the ranks of Mitchum & Gable -- two of her screen co-stars -- and that she knew how to make her acting look effortless and completely natural. However, given all the salacious publicity she received, rarely was her talent or her charismatic screen presence truly appreciated during her heyday. Here her usual tough and hard-boiled persona is toned downed and she gives a performance showing sensitivity and vulnerability. She is completely believable in a role that was originally intended for June Allyson! Chandler too is quite good: silent yet complex and he shows these characteristics without the histrionics typically used by actors in similar roles (i.e. Robert Stack). The gorgeous Technicolor enhances the Arizona scenery and the great Dan Duryea offers fine support as an alcoholic doctor in love with Russell. Mara Corday also shines in the small role of Duryea's nurse. "Foxfire" is not as stylistic or as over-the-top fun as Douglas Sirks' classic Universal sudsers, but very good in it's own right. The opening credits with Chandler singing the theme song (co-written by Chandler and Henry Mancini) sets the tone for a very good romantic drama starring two of the 1950s most underrated and sexiest stars.

This film needs to be released on DVD!!

Reviewed by djscamwi 10 / 10

I love this movie; great color, scenery and characters.

On vacation, Jane Russell meets and falls for a local guy and wants to marry him. She finds she doesn't understand him fully but pursues to investigate him in order to make a success of their marriage. Enjoyable scenery, lovely gowns and Jane looks great in her short hair.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10

"You treat me like a squaw...but I won't walk twelve steps behind!"

Hot-blooded potboiler with facetious, flirtatious undermining has New York socialite Jane Russell vacationing at Arizona spa near Tucson; a flat tire brings her together with worldly half-breed Jeff Chandler (Apache on his mother's side, white on his professor father's). Their whirlwind marriage seems like a good idea at first, until Russell learns her engineer husband is beset with prejudice and Indian superstitions at the mine, that the tippling small town doctor wants her for his own, and the gossipy neighbors have their own version of a snobbish pecking order. Entertaining star-vehicle doesn't do much with Dan Duryea's role as the drunken doc (he keeps popping up unannounced, and the finale leaves his character stranded); however, Russell--with her incredulous witticisms--and strong, sexy Chandler are a good match (no big romantic sparks, though with lots of chemistry). The picture doesn't always add up on a logical level, yet emotionally it is intriguing. Handsome production (with rich color), unobtrusive direction, nice theme song co-written by Chandler and Henry Mancini. **1/2 from ****

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