The Perfect Date


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 19698


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Laura Marano as Celia Lieberman
Sue-Lynn Ansari as Bespectacled Woman
Matt Walsh as Charlie Rattigan
Joe Chrest as Jerry Lieberman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by julian_t_ward 7 / 10

Standard Rom Com formula but very charmingly done

Yes, this is a rom com by the numbers, fully up to date with fun and games around dating apps. But the two leads have genuine charm and spar off each other with believable chemistry. Whilst probably not a film that you will remember in years to come, you will nevertheless have a very enjoyable 90 minutes watching this.

Reviewed by nrppaul 9 / 10

It's the same. But the same is good for me

It's literally the same as all other Noah Centineo movies. The same writing and plot line and storyline of all teen Netflix original movies recently. Same aesthetic, same soundtrack, same morals and same story. But, I loved it lol. If you're after something new and innovative, this isn't it. But if you're after a feel-good teen romance movie with that aesthetic and cute adorable Noah Centineo dorky smile? Then this is a nice hour and a half for you

Reviewed by sketchpoetjon 8 / 10

Predictable and Cliche but overall cute

Aside from its obvious predictability i found this film to be cute and heartwarming.The actor who plays the protagonist often plays these kinds of roles but does so quite well. The awkward quirky eventual love interest is adorable at best. Gay black friend is a nice change from the usual token black guy however i found his acting somewhat weak and his part was rather small. Perhaps if he were given a back story and some more depth to his character the movie could have shown a little more meaning. Don't get me wrong the message was a nice one but maybe a little too basic and let's face it he still has some growing up to do. He mentioned he was 18 but learning 1 lesson does not maketh man.

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