Good Times


Comedy / Musical / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 476


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Cher as Chér / Bargirl / Zora / Sam
George Sanders as Mordicus / Knife McBlade / White hunter / Zarubian
Paul Frees as Mordicus Enterprises greeter / narrator of western spoof / Chimps / telephone transmission
Hank Worden as Kid
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bscell 7 / 10


If you enjoy off the wall humor, and have a fondness for 60's nostalgia, you will like this movie (in my opinion). I found the film to be good-natured, a bit silly in spots, and touched with a slightly warped sense of humor that held my attention for the relatively short run-time. I just wish that Cher had a larger role in this one, but, I guess (at the time), Sonny was considered the real "talent." Granted, Sonny can't sing very well (especially so when compared to Cher), however, he seems to be having a "good time" making the movies within the movie. The Western spoof is especially entertaining.

This is a guilty pleasure movie. It amused me, made me smile a few times, and that is enough for me to recommend it!

Reviewed by moonspinner55 5 / 10

Great soundtrack, weak flick...

Pop-singing duo (and mod-dressed lovebirds) Sonny & Cher are tapped to star in their own movie, but the couple are distressed over the corny script. Sonny Bono's soundtrack to "Good Times", which he produced and arranged (impeccably so), sounds like the very best of Phil Spector; the songs may give non-fans a glimpse at true musical genius. Unfortunately, all this aural greatness comes at the expense of a wayward, throw-away feature. Sonny & Cher spend most of their time on-screen bickering in a too-real example of marital discord. Debuting director William Friedkin stuffs the proceedings with eye-candy, but he can't get any momentum going in the fantasy scenes and they just peter out. It's a strenuous comedy, the biggest mistake of which was to plunk the leads down in the middle of so much unhappiness. They don't want to make the movie, they're being forced to make the movie, they fight about compromising their ideals about making the damn movie. Only the opening and closing montages are sunny, the rest is much too heavy--even with all that groovy music in the background. ** from ****

Reviewed by Melllvar 10 / 10

Camp classic.

This movie is a classic example of 60's camp.The main story,Sonny's desire to star in a movie and Cher's lack of interest,takes a back seat to the fantasy sequences which satirize various movie generas.

The soundtrack is excellent.Sonny Bono was a musical genius and this film is the perfect showcase of this,and though Cher is talented,I think she did her best work with Sonny.If you are a fan of Sonny and/or Cher this is a movie you shouldn't miss.

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