Untamed Heart


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Marisa Tomei as Caroline
Vincent Kartheiser as Orphan Boy
Rosie Perez as Cindy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doctor_dolittle 9 / 10

Grab A Box Of Tissues

"Untamed Heart" is an absolutely touching tear-jerker romance. Every once in a while, I just want to find a movie that allows me to let go and just cry. This is definitely one for the records. The chemistry between Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei is so strong that you just can't help but believe these two people actually care about one-another. Marisa Tomei as Caroline, a waitress that seems to work all hours of the night and Christian Slater as Adam, her quiet, secret admirer dishwasher with a heart problem. Throw in Rosie Perez as Caroline's smart-ass best friend and what more could you ask for? These characters have such depth that, even though the plot is a bit predictable, you feel so much for them and by the end, you will be reduced to tears. I still tear up every time I see this movie. The perfect film for any sap with a taste for sentiment. It will always have a special place in my heart. A romance to go down in movie history. 9/10!

Reviewed by BigOkie 8 / 10

For someone who is picky about romances, this one is by far the best of it's time..

When I was married, my then wife dragged me to see this movie on Valentines' Day weekend, when it first released. I agreed to go based on the fact that one of my favorite actresses appeared in it, Marisa Tomei. The most I'd seen of Christian Slater was in 'Robin Hood', and didn't care much for him in that.

What a change one movie can make for opinions on an actor.

I was engaged with this movie from frame one.

Cliff Eidelman's score is captivating and very moving in this movie, flowing along effortlessly with the film. Marisa Tomei is pure magic, and Rosie Perez is just right as the screechy best friend.

What surprised me most was Slater's performance. Here, he gives a very introspective and introverted performance, that, in my opinion, was worthy of an Oscar nod. The mannerisms with which he portrays Adam as the shy orphan who seems unsure of himself are dealt with great detail and care. He hasn't had a better performance before or since.

That doesn't overshadow Tomei's performance in this film. She is simply beautiful, no matter what part she is portraying. She has the Minnesotan accent down pat, and you believe you are in the Twin Cities while watching the film. I feel her performance in this movie was a step above "My Cousin Vinny". Too bad the Academy didn't agree.

And when Slater and Tomei occupy the frame together, it is, for a lack of a better term, absolute glory. The chemistry between these two actors on screen is so thick you couldn't cut it with a chainsaw.

The cinematography, by Jost Vacano, who also did movies like "Das Boot" and "Robocop", while not visually stunning, is very technical, with the use of pull-pans/push-pans and ground perspective shots. A very well-done film all the way around, from Bill's directing to Mia Goldman's seamless editing. Too bad some wiseacre reviewer gave the ending away in a review of the film before release and literally killed it's box office.

I own the DVD now, and I can offer one warning: Gentlemen, if you watch this movie with your wife/significant other, be prepared to offer up excuses like 'there is something in my eye', or 'it must be my allergies', if you're not comfortable admitting letting the waterworks go. The proclamations of affection between these two are so charming, yet not heavy handed. It's the kind of things you would have wish you'd said to that 'one that got away'.

My rating: 9 (no movie has ever gotten a 10 from me, but this one almost had me reconsidering)

Reviewed by xredgarnetx 8 / 10

A different love story

UNTAMED HEART tells the story of the romance between a lovelorn diner waitress (Tomei) and shy busboy (Slater). It is a sad, sweet movie without the usual gloss and pretension that ruin so many filmed love stories. These are working class people living working class lives. Tomei is touching as a woman who has been hurt once too often but who still holds out hope. Slater gives one of his best performances as the virtually mute busboy with both social and health problems. A heart-tugging vignette at the very beginning, involving the busboy as child in a Catholic orphanage, foreshadows later events in the film. Slater underplays beautifully, and thankfully so as this is Tomei's film all the way. She never looked more beautiful than she does here. Watch for the Christmas morning scene. Tomei wakes up to a special magic thanks to her busboy pal, and magnificently conveys her sense of wonder. Beware, however: UNTAMED HEART (BOY WITH A BABOON HEART would have been a better title) is a two-box of Kleenex.

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