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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
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Russell Tovey as Dr. Adam Smith
Richard Coyle as Garda Ciarán O'Shea
Bronagh Gallagher as Una Maher
Ruth Bradley as Garda Lisa Nolan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jack Vance 8 / 10

Well balanced - Drink it up

I watched this movie expecting it to be a comedy. It is, but to a lesser extent than I was led to believe. Don't get me wrong, it has its share of humor, but if you take out the comedic elements, the film really stands up as a good low budget creature feature. Pleasantly surprising!

A simple script, no Oscar winning performances or intense dialog, but no over baked hams here either - except maybe in one or two spots where it's done intentionally for humor. The male and female leads were exceptional and they played their roles just right. They were endearing. The assortment of characters making up the island folk were spot on and I wanted to pop on down to the pub and buy them a round or two.

Although Grabbers borrows elements from a number of classic films in the genre, it never seems tired or cliché. I think that's due to it's understated nature and the originality it does have. Anything familiar is presented with respect and with it's own style.

A big nod to the writer and director on this one. Getting the balance this finely turned between comedy and horror isn't easy. American Werewolf in London had that, but not many others. I don't quite think this compares with that classic, but it's got that certain 'something' that will grab you.

Low budget is where you'll find the gems in this genre and Grabbers is top notch. A perfectly balanced, thoroughly enjoyable movie. If you like the genre, don't miss it.

Reviewed by Rudeinternet-com 7 / 10

Not quite cinema as high art but, what movie still is after a few drinks

Citizen Kane, The Godfather, 2001 there's over 100 years of examples of moving pictures more art than entertainment.

And then there's Grabbers.

It sure ain't fine art but, it's a whole hell of allota fun! I'm not going to bore you with a long review. I just re-watched Grabbers tonight (saw it 4 or 5 years ago when it first came out. While ironically enough drunk with my wife one night... and we loved it, though didn't remember much of it) and thought I'd stop by to say how much I enjoyed it again. I'd like to keep this review short, sorry bedtime (want a synopsis, please read one if the longer reviews) would just like to say if sometimes like myself just want to shut the old brain off relax maybe have a laugh and enjoy the goofier side of usually serious and or cerebral horror/sci-fi genre, here's a flick that fits the bill perfectly. Though I'd suggest following the house imposed two drink minimum.

Reviewed by thesar-2 5 / 10

They're Drunk 'n History

I was told this was a LAUGH-OUT-RIOT horror-comedy, and was told incorrectly. That said, I laughed a bit here and there, but this enormously clichéd, predictable and hardly original alien invasion film barely stood above the rest. It even had a completely uninspired creature. The saving grace was the moments of comedy – though you had to wait until the second half and the alcohol consumption "twist." Perhaps not to be taken too seriously, it might be a tad fun. I know I would've loved this as a kid. Cheers!

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