Grosse Pointe Blank


Action / Comedy / Crime / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 82371


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John Cusack as Martin Q. Blank
Michael Cudlitz as Bob Destepello
Minnie Driver as Debi Newberry
Joan Cusack as Marcella
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tweekums 8 / 10

A fun comedy about a hit-man

Martin Blank is a hit-man so understandably when he gets an invitation to go to his high school reunion he isn't that keen to go; it's not the sort of job one can talk about. Then he gets hired to kill somebody in his old home town he decides he might attend after all. He returns to the town of Grosse Pointe and soon starts bumping into people he knew. He also seeks out his old girlfriend, Debi, who hasn't forgotten how he disappeared the night he was supposed to take her to the Senior Prom. It is clear that his heart is no longer in his work; he hasn't even opened the dossier on his target. He isn't the only killer in town; there is also Grocer, a fellow hit-man upset that Blank won't join his new 'Hitmen's Union', a couple of government agents and an assassin who has been hired to kill Blank because he accidentally blew up somebody's dog! As the night of the school reunion approaches it is clear that the evening is going to be a bit more exciting than most people expected… especially for Debi when she learns Martin wasn't joking about his job.

This film is a delightful, if somewhat amoral comedy. The central concept is rather fun as it provides some decent action, plenty of laughs and even a romance. John Cusack does a fine job as Martin, making him likable despite what we see him doing and Minnie Driver impresses as Debi. Dan Aykroyd provides laughs in just about every scene he appears in, as Grocer. There are also nice turns from Joan Cusack as Martin's secretary and Alan Arkin as his reluctant psychiatrist. The film may be set in the nineties but the 'ten year reunion' provides the perfect excuse for a solid eighties soundtrack. Given the nature of the film there is inevitably a fair about of violence; most of it isn't too disturbing, some is actually quite funny… the only disturbing moment is when a character is killed with a pen. Overall I'd certainly recommend this to anybody looking for a good black comedy.

Reviewed by kjjames81 7 / 10

The best Cusack film ever, well I think it is

What can I say, this film is brilliant, from the start through to the finish, I don't think there is actually one bad scene. The comedy timing is excellent, the action sequences are brilliant, especially the unarmed fight with Cusack and his real life martial arts instructor Benny Urquidez, short but realistic. If you love brilliant timed comedy, action sequences that are well done and a soundtrack that is also brilliant do yourself a favour and watch this movie, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Geoff Wingard 8 / 10

Entertaining on lots of levels

I have a soft spot for this movie. Cusack has played several variations of Blanke (the lead character) over the years and this itself is pretty interesting; he has been able to explore a sort of lost soul/Rennaisance killer in a variety of settings at various ages.

This film works on a lot of levels. It speaks to a certain sense of nostalgia and regret for lost opportunity. It's a hilarious romp through alt-80s pop-culture. And it's a great study in the internal conflicts of a man confronting his fears and the consequences of his decisions. It's also funny and pretty decent adventure movie.

Watch the movie twice (or more) to capture the details, setting and back story. The characters are surprisingly well-developed, but a lot of this is hidden by rapid-fire dialogue, in scenery details and in the score.

Music is HUGE part of this movie. Sadly, the official soundtrack only includes about half of the songs used in the film. The score sets the scene, explains the characters and the cast and director were clearly aware of the impact of the lyrics of the songs as well as their tone to define the action.

Watch this movie.

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