Gun Fury


Action / Adventure / Crime / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
IMDb Rating 6 10 1363

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Rock Hudson as Ben Warren
Lee Marvin as Blinky
Donna Reed as Jennifer Ballard
Philip Carey as Frank Slayton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7 / 10

Be prepared for a rough ride

"Gun Fury" is a little colorful Western that was originally shown in 3-D… The film shows outdoor scenes, set against spectacular Arizona scenery…

Walsh introduced his main characters quickly:

Ben (Rock Hudson) is a California-bound settler interested only in the future… He spent five years fighting somebody else's quarrel… The woman he intends to marry is meeting him in Haynesville…They will go on to his place from there…

Jennifer Ballard (Donna Reed) has never been so happy… She just can't believe that she is really with Ben… She has waited for him so long…

Frank Slayton (Phil Carey) is a ruthless 'Southern gentleman' who fought the war and saw 'his' world die…For him, Jennifer brought back things he hadn't thought of in years: Richmond, the ladies in fancy dresses, garden parties, dances…

Jess (Leo Gordon) was not trying to run things… But he refused to let Slayton drag Miss Ballard along…

Walsh's direction was simple, direct and muscular, wary of self-consciously picturesque or poetic camera angles… Always a popular entertainer he was one of the more able, resilient and versatile Hollywood directors

Reviewed by mpickfordfan 8 / 10

Well Written 1950s Western

Gun Fury is a well written revenge western, a very popular theme for the 1950s western film genre. Filmed in the 3-D process in vivid technicolor on a location of the most magnificent landscape/scenery. Directed by Raoul Walsh, starring Rock Hudson, Donna Reed, Philip Carey and Leo Gordon, along with a strong supporting cast including Lee Marvin, Neville Brand and Roberta Haynes, Gun Fury does not disappoint. The story revolves around Hudson trying to rescue his fiancée, Reed, after their stagecoach was held-up, a villainous gang ( Philip Carey ) taking Reed with them. Thinking they left Hudson dead, he has a tumultuous time tracking the gang and rescuing Reed. Gun Fury is well worth the look for those who enjoy westerns made during the 1950s.

Reviewed by jjnxn-1 7 / 10

Rock and Donna on the way up

Beautiful looking western in dazzling Technicolor is otherwise an ordinary affair but does have Rock Hudson and Donna Reed both on the cusp of bigger things. Donna made From Here to Eternity the same year as this and although it didn't really enhance her movie fortunes it raised her fame level easing her transition to TV fame as the perfect homemaker. Rock would break out of the B's the next year with Magnificent Obsession that turned him into box office gold for years. This film does have a good pace and a hissable villain in Phil Carey plus an early peek at Lee Marvin. For western fans or admirers of the stars this should be an enjoyable view.

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