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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elliotjeory 7 / 10

Not a bad effort

As far as low budget British films go, this is a good one. It's very bloody and full of sex so if that's your kind of thing you will enjoy it. Had some decent actors in it, young and old as well as a few recognisable faces from the British soaps. It's not too long and keeps you interested long enough to enjoy it.

Reviewed by elliotjames87 10 / 10

What's eating you

A great slice of genre film making, dark gritty with strong central performances.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 7 / 10

You're family now.

Michael Burns (Elliot James Langridge) grew up with a sister Amanda (Sally Carman) that looked after him both as a child and an adult. His unemployed state allows him to bump into Emile (Jessica Barden) who quickly attaches herself to him claiming that they are both different, something she drives home, but they repeat the clues in case you were making a sandwich and missed them. She introduces Michael to her Uncle Ian (William Ash) who has deep pockets and runs a massage parlor which also does tricks. Michael is initially freaked out by the events, but eventually becomes "one of us" and has a new family.

They could have used the title "Blood Orgy" and it may go there yet. Not to give away the entire plot, but the film includes cannibalism, something you suspect from one of the film posters which shows people with blood on them and an early scene. This is not a vampire film. I wasn't keen on the ending.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity.

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