Halls of Montezuma


Action / Adventure / Drama


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Robert Wagner as Private Coffman
Jack Palance as Pigeon Lane
Martin Milner as Whitney
Richard Widmark as Lt. Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Well made but unremarkable

This is a rather standard WWII film--neither exceptional nor bad in any way. Plus, considering the good acting and decent script, it's certainly worth watching if you like war films but not different enough to merit watching it if you don't.

In many ways, this is highly reminiscent of THE SAND OF IWO JIMA, which was made a year earlier. However, instead of starring the always tough John Wayne, this one was a Richard Widmark vehicle. Wayne's film was more enjoyable to watch, though realism was not all that important (using too much grainy WWII footage and a plot that was pure but enjoyable melodrama). The biggest strength of HALLS OF MONTEZUMA was its realism--without the extensive use of stock footage, actual period airplanes, etc. Plus, this film was without the heroic and bigger than life quality of SANDS.

No problems with this picture--nothing that didn't entertain or enlighten. However, if you've seen the Wayne film, they're so similar you probably don't need to see both.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

Extremely enjoyable World War II film

'Halls of Montezuma' just lacks the gut-wrenching power and poignancy of 1930's 'All Quiet on the Western Front', also directed by Lewis Milestone and one of the greatest war films ever made, but even to this day it remains extremely enjoyable.

Do have to agree on the very few flaws covered in a couple of reviews already. Also did find the Japanese tactics revelation absurd and by today's standards and even back then it feels outdated and one flashback clumsy in placement and execution. Robert Wagner seemed a little wooden in places too.

Conversely, 'Halls of Montezuma' is a great-looking film. The production values are suitably gritty, while the cinematography is outstanding and the editing remarkably smooth from frame to frame. The music, kept at minimum wisely, is rousing with a memorable theme song, while Milestone directs with eye for spectacle and an ability to make the story and drama absorbing, refusing to let the pace lag which is remarkable for a more intimate war film.

The script is thought-provoking and while the characters seem like stereotypes at first there is a noble and successful effort to develop them, so they are interesting. The story is told with a lot of intimacy and ambition while also giving the war scenes real urgency and power. Excellent casting helps, and apart from slight reservations about Wagner, 'Halls of Montezuma' doesn't disappoint.

Richard Widmark is a commanding lead, playing with searing intensity often, while Richard Boone, Karl Malden and Jack Webb are very strong in their roles as is a pre-"evil incarnate"/over-the-top specialist Jack Palance in one of his first roles (and for an early role he is very good indeed though he went on to better things).

Overall, extremely enjoyable, not one of the most definitive war films ever but one of the most successful and interesting WWII films. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Spiking Those Rockets

I was surprised that Halls of Montezuma was not an adapted play since a great deal of the action takes place in a cave that serves as a battalion headquarters where Colonel Richard Boone is trying to extract information from prisoners.

That in itself wasn't easy because the Japanese were not known for surrendering. Boone gives an order to try and take prisoners on this landing on an unnamed Pacific island.

Richard Widmark's company finds a few of them and it's a rough go and several members of Widmark's command die in the mission. The Japanese are firing a lot of rockets from a hill and the bombing from planes doesn't do any good. Before the big push towards that hill can be made those rockets have to be dealt with.

A lot of promising young players from 20th Century Fox were in Widmark's platoon like Robert Wagner, Jack Palance, Richard Hylton, Skip Homeier, Martin Milner. Some make it and some don't. There are several flashback sequences showing these guys in their civilian lives and earlier in the war.

At the headquarters there's also quite an assortment, Jack Webb a war correspondent, Philip Ahn an articulate Japanese prisoner who is a baseball player in civilian life and looking decidedly out of place there is the urbane Reginald Gardiner replete with cigarette holder. He's along for the ride because he's an expert on Japanese culture and psychology and speaks the language.

Halls of Montezuma is a good, not a great war film. Three performances do stand out. Karl Malden as the veterinarian now serving as a medic and career marine Bert Freed and his sergeant Neville Brand.

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