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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Orla O'Rourke as Miranda
Carlos Gallardo as SGT Frederick Reeves
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rvillafana1957 7 / 10

In the Middle

Not nearly as bad, or as good, as some of the reviewers say. I found it acceptable, considering the budget, and lack of a "name" star. Tons of action and blood, if you go for that, and acting not horrible either. It was on the long side though, I would agree with that, could have been a good 20 minutes shorter. I gave it a seven because the plot was just a little bit different, and they fleshed out at least a couple of the characters.

Reviewed by kyleyates-11783 1 / 10

Utter garbage

The trailer had a better storyline than the actual movie. The acting was terrible and the love/emotional scenes were more out of place than the queen of England munching on a greasy kebab after a p**s up at a local pub. The zombies are made out to be viscous killing machines yet for some reason once they'd surrounded the "heroes" in certain scenes they stand at a distance as if the soldiers had spent all day rolling round in cow s**t. One soldier after being shot a few times insists on being left behind because he's just gonna slow his comrades down yet 60 seconds later goes into a 10 minute fight scene jumping off walls and performing roundhouse kicks at will. Basically don't bother watching this film unless the sound of terrible acting and rage inducing directing somehow help you get to sleep. Only reason I gave this a rating of 1 is that there isn't an option for 0.

Reviewed by silicontourist 1 / 10

DEAD BORING, stupid, and a total disasterous Zombie film!

From what I knew of the film I had hopes that it might be an OK movie; even if the budget for it was low as is with a lot of Zombie & Horror films that get churned out. As a person from England I am not used to seeing this genre of film being made over here so, I had hopes that it might be as good as the English Werewolf horror flick, "DOG SOLDIERS." Well peeps! About 5-10 minutes into the movie I completely abandoned all hope of anything remotely scary, horrific or decent being in this stupidly made ZombApoc!

I don't know about you peeps but I am sick of directors trying to stand out to inflate their ego's by completely changing the entire Zombie movements, habbits etc. etc. If you watch a lot of Zombie movies you will know what I mean i.e. zombies that move like Olympic 100 metres athletes and think about what they are doing! Eh? Directors are ruining the zombie world with their hybrid crappy intelligent and athletic undead. The zombies in this were climbing, running, thinking and organising themselves just like uninfected people do. Heck! The infected were all as strong as Poppye the Sailor man and, the bad guy even manages to become strong as the Hulk! It seems to have been made up as it rumbled along and the almost 2 hour running time just made it drag out painfully and dismal.

If only the king of Zombie movie-makers, George Romero, was still with us we could be watching better releases. I'm suprised Mr Romero is not rising from his grave and punishing these untalented directors...especially the ones who remake his older movies and make a right rubbish hash of them!

Is there nobody out there who can put a lot more BITE into the Zombie Horror flicks?

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