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Bill Moseley as Richard Crane
Bill Oberst Jr. as Mr. Jolly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant 1 / 10

stupid as the tittle

Just a piece of tripe. This movie is just as stupid as the tittle suggests. YUCK!

Reviewed by Wikkid_Gamez 2 / 10

Not even Bill Moseley or Bill Objects Jr could save his one!

I know those 2 are both decent actors yet this movie was awful.... I did watch it till the end, though I did almost turn it off within the first 5mins as it was so obviously amateurish. But I went ahead and stuck it out as I was folding laundry and didn't feel like stopping to find something else to watch. The acting is the most horrifying thing about this one, other than that there isn't much to say... Saying it fell flat is an understatement, even saying that it was boring is not quite enough... I had a very hard time actually watching it and not just tuning it out and ignoring it. The overall concept has promise, but the end result was beyond mediocre. Film school project quality.

Reviewed by skye-richards 1 / 10


I had low expectations for this movie but hoped that it was somewhat Goose Bumps inspired but no. This is just another cheap shot at far superior writing material and an attempt to cover the damage with pretty woman and softcore nudity. My advice, don't waste your time on the awful script and the even worse acting of this movie.

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