Hansel & Gretel Get Baked


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Lara Flynn Boyle as Witch Agnes
Molly C. Quinn as Gretel
Cary Elwes as Meter Man
Lochlyn Munro as Officer Ritter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 5 / 10

Hansel & Gretel Get Baked

Molly C Quinn, the hot little strawberry blond from Castle, is Gretel, while Michael Welch (know to the Twilight folks specifically and to zombie fans with his role in Z-Nation) is her brother, Hansel. Gretel, her brother, and her boyfriend all love smoking pot. There's a "cute grandma" selling pot and brownies not too far from where they live…yeah, she's a witch. She has the ability to drain "youth" from others, and so potheads arriving at her door offer the perfect victims to "suck dry". Lara Flynn Boyle, at first in old age makeup, soon has returned to her 40s thanks to the youth of Andrew James Allen (Gretel's beau).

Part of the comedy is how busy the knocks at Boyle's door become. At one point she just shoots two cops who answer concerns of missing people possibly tied to her (Yancy Butler and Lochlyn Munro in small, but humorous, supporting parts…part of the joke is that the film builds them going to the house only for them to be "dispatched" rather quickly), while her gory mistreatment of Allen is particularly gruesome (eye gouging with a fork she pops in her mouth after the fact and she chews on meat sawed from his leg, throwing a chunk to her dog!) and prolonged. A couple of victims (including a drug dealer of her weed who becomes too much trouble and a trio of drug supplying goons outraged with her selling on their turf) turn into zombies and go after our young dope-head heroes. You just have to see the throat slashing (it goes over the top by having the victim jerking and bleeding like a stuck pig) and an upside down "blood drain" (through the use of a hose turn spout!), not to mention, the ole "yank out the heart" gag are included for extra ultra violence. Boyle keeps the face straight although the part is absurd. She literally goes into the oven and even makes out with Latina babe, Bianca Saad, at one point, as Quinn searches throughout her house for the boyfriend. Boyle even has a bomb shelter converted into a pot farm! Cary Elwes is barely recognizable as a meter man who picks up a black cat seemingly abandoned and pays for it. As you might expect, there's plenty of "pot humor" to go with the grue. Definitely a kitchen sink movie.

Reviewed by GL84 9 / 10

Enjoyable if not really funny horror/comedy

After her pot-head boyfriend disappears around town, a teen and her brother trace him back to a local witch using magically-enhanced marijuana to attract youths in order to remain young and must put a stop to her actions.

Overall this one was a lot of fun if slightly flawed here. For the most part, the fact that this is a horror/comedy yet nothing here is really all that funny is the biggest issue since this one is really only funny for the fact that everyone here is a raving pot-head, including the supposedly innocent lead. For anyone who does not find drug-related humor funny in the slightest, much of what happens here where everyone acts completely stoned and out looking for more marijuana won't in the slightest bit seem funny or appealing and it just really tends to wear on some who don't offer up anything else here to really get a handle on. Still, outside of this facet the film provides plenty of exciting and enjoyable elements throughout here which come from the fact that this one's built more as a straight-forward horror film with a goofy-sounding device to set things in motion as if this one dropped all the drug jokes it's a perfectly enjoyable effort about a witch using the drug to lure those in the community over to her quarters. It plays a lot of these scenes straight about the witch's powers getting stronger and stronger as it goes along as there's some fine story lines about her expanding magic to charm those into letting her go, the addition of zombified slaves that she controls for peace and security reasons and the ability to get younger-looking as time goes on which makes this a lot of fun when these are out and about. As well, there's plenty of fine action here in the basement as the use of charmed marijuana plants that act as guards and trap intruders, a fantastic play on the original story where they get away from the ravenous guard-dog and the final fight in the basement all make this one quite enjoyable with some fine action scenes needing to get away from the witch and making the finale a lot better than it should. Likewise, this one really gets a fine boost from the fact that it plays along so well with the fairy tale throughout here that it certainly comes closest to telling that particular tale better than expected considering the additional material it utilizes in tying it all with pot instead of candy. Along with some fine gore from the early kills and an engrossing mystery angle searching for the missing boyfriend that takes up the majority of the first half here, this one comes off as highly enjoyable that would've been better had it been played straight.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and heavy drug use.

Reviewed by ruddigur sloppy 1 / 10

So many producers they spoil the "pot"

This movie really sucked. The main actress was a plastic pile of bug poop. I can't believe I rented this I smoked it's pot and I can't believe I ate the whole thing. This film was incredibly disappointing. I remember having more fun vomiting. The product placement was so bad it literally took the place in my mind as worst I've ever seen and keep in mind film maniacs I've watched haunting of the innocent. I'm dead serious. I think with conviction and with 100 percent truth instead of watching this again for free on Netflix I'd rather choose to be water boarded by my most hated enemies. Even if I was high "Which I was not" I would still give this 2 thumbs down. The cheese cake factory, skittles, apple. Directors are you kidding me with this. Do yourselves a favor and stop making movies. All of you who had anything to do with this including team members

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