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Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Daniel Fathers as Perry Bulmer
John Novak as General Allister Borland
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrewrye-06535 2 / 10

Should be called - Attack of the shill reviewers

I really wish IMDB would screen reviewers. The other two either are friends of the actors or paid by the production company.

Bad acting, boring and snail pace movement with no direction. What else... bad writing, ridiculous special effects and just plain blahhhh.

It is mostly just a group of people (and yes, they know each other...mostly) with no acting skills talking with occasional flashback that made no sense. Difficult to follow and hard to watch. Also a bad version of the Matrix's Oracle (an obvious copy), and I'm still trying to work out the 'Generals' rank with staff sergeant stripes? pips changed from 3 to 1 during the movie, perhaps someone could enlighten me.

Don't waste your time, not even worthy of a B grade, a 2 because I was having a good day.

Reviewed by carlos-pires 1 / 10

Idiotic plot, idiotic movie

OK... so I guess the new definition of "Science Fiction" nowadays is "Let's throw out all logic and see what happens". It's either that or, given the fact that so many BS-laden blockbusters exist, I guess many wannabe movie directors think they can get away with anything, as long as they show a black old woman acting as an oracle. Anyway, this movie never gets to be really entertaining because the plot is all over the place. Recklessly spilling random sciency-sounding jargon only makes things worse, pulling those of us who have an IQ over 90 away from suspension of disbelief.

Reviewed by aqzj08 1 / 10


After the first 20 minutes of confusing flash backs/forwards we felt committed to watch it to the end.

My advice: Don't! Do something else instead.

Boring, badly scripted, badly directed, the list goes on.

Still don't understand what happened in the end. Is everyone in our time now or back to 1958? Are those more ships coming here or going to the other dimension? Why did such an advanced civilisation design a technology that requires a species from another planet to power it?

Please do not make a sequel.

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