Thunderbolt and Lightfoot


Comedy / Crime / Drama

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Clint Eastwood as Thunderbolt
Jeff Bridges as Lightfoot
Gary Busey as Curly
Catherine Bach as Melody
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slightlymad22 8 / 10

One Of Clint's Best Stand Alone Movies

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)

Plot In A Paragraph: A bank robber (Eastwood) gets his old gang back together, to organize a daring new heist, with the help of a young sidekick (A brilliant Jeff Bridges)

This is one of my favourite Clint movies that isn't a western or a Dirty Harry movie. There is just so much to savour. The great chemistry between Clint and Jeff Bridges, great locations, wonderful dialogue and not to mention the soundtrack too.

Again, Clint clearly did his own stunts. I think Clint should have been nominated for an Oscar for his work here. Apparently he agreed and rumour has it, he was upset Bridges was nominated, whilst he was ignored. Malpaso regulars Geoffrey Lewis and Bill McKinney pop up too.

My Dad (God rest his sole) never cared for this movie, citing its homoerotic subtext for his reason (Top Gun and Tango & Cash were also movies he disliked for this reason) and I know a few people who think the same, but it's never been a problem for me and I think if you scrutinize such matters too closely, you lose sight of the movies playful nature. And whilst there are moments, it's not like the two men are without women in the movie!! Bridges picks up two girls, and takes them back to the Motel for him and Clint, then the next day when the go for breakfast, Bridges orders 4 eggs, bacon, toast, fries, coffee and the waitress herself, whilst Clint orders a black coffee and smirks at his companion.

Thunderbolt & Lightfoot disappointingly didn't make a dent at the box office grossing only $9 million at the domestic box office!! A huge disappointment to Clint, who blamed United Artists for inadequately promoting the film. Despite his relationship with the studio on the spaghetti Westerns, and having a two picture deal from the studio, he never made another movie for them.

Reviewed by littlemartinarocena 10 / 10

Eastwood and Bridges

Two misfits and a love story between two loners. That in itself it's an intriguing premise but if you add to that mix, Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges as the two loners, then we'll have something we've never seen before. Lightfoot (a superlative Jeff Bridges) has a crush on Thunderbolt (an astonishing Clint Eastwood) at first sight. Thunderbolt seems to be aware of it, if only subconsciously but eventually surrenders to the kind of feeling he, probably, never experienced. A father with a son who hero worships him. Tragically romantic. Brutal and deeply felt, Michael Cimino's debut as a director is a feast for the senses. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 8 / 10

Cimino first triumphant debut…

The very first shot of "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" – a faultless composition, fifty per cent wispy Idaho sky, fifty per cent cornfield – establishes an elegant style which Cimino maintains throughout the film… The second scene – Clint Eastwood as we have never seen him before, wearing spectacles, his hair slicked back and dressed as a vicar delivering a sermon in a crowded country church – immediately makes one realize that the film may be quite different from any of Eastwood's previous ones… But the third scene, in which the vicar is chased across a seemingly endless cornfield by an irate gun-firing George Kennedy establishes that all is not as it seems to be…

Eastwood is rescued by Lightfoot (Jeff Bridges), who has just relieved a car salesman of $3000 dollars' worth of automobile, and a partnership is quickly created, with the veteran Thunderbolt asserting his experience and virility over the inexperienced Lightfoot... Casting off his vicar's clothes Thunderbolt then takes his belt and endures agonizing pain as he uses it to pull his dislocated shoulder into place…

Thunderbolt is being pursued by Red Leary (George Kennedy) and Eddie Goody (Geoffrey Lewis) who are former partners of his in crime and who believe he has the half million dollar takings from their last bank raid… They mean business… While Thunderbolt and Lightfoot enjoy themselves with two young ladies named Gloria and Melody, Leary and Goody wait outside. 'Are you sure that's their car?' wonders Goody. 'That's their hearse,' says Leary…

The film was a triumphant debut for Cimino… His script combined wit and the naive philosophy of the motorized cowboys… 'Leary, I had a dream about you last night." "About what?" "I dreamt you said hello to me.'

At the beginning of the film when Eastwood recites his sermon for the benefit of his felonious friend, 'and the lion shall lie down with the leopard' (Cimino used it purposely to indicate the liaison between Lightfoot the lion and Thunderbolt the leopard), the younger man asks 'What's that – a poem?' 'No,' replies Thunderbolt, 'a prayer'. At the end of the film the younger man is still seeking answers from his senior partner… 'Where you heading?' 'See what's over the next mountain! We won, didn't we?' 'I guess we did – for the time being.'

Cimino created the part for Eastwood and in doing so drew greatly on his actual personality… For those people who know the real Clint Eastwood, no film part better conveys the style, the warmth, and the dry delivery of the man himself…

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