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Elisabeth Shue as Jane Chase
Linus Roache as (uncredited)
Terence Stamp as Dr. Steven Phillip
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

Perhaps my favourite killer ape flick.

A young Elizabeth Shue plays Jane Chase,an American student studying at the London Institute of Sciences,who accepts a holiday job as housekeeper for anthropology professor Steven Philip at his house on the remote Cornish coast.Steven has three trained chimpanzees named Link,Voodoo and Imp.When professor mysteriously vanishes Jane is left alone in the house with Link whose behaviour has become increasingly more menacing."Link" is a surprisingly effective killer ape flick.It offers some great shocks and the monkey Link looks very sinister.The score by Jerry Goldsmith is splendid.Unfortunately the explanation of Link's murderous behaviour is not particularly clear.Director Richard Franklin has also made "Patrick","Road Games" and "Psycho II".8 out of 10.

Reviewed by michael-485 5 / 10

A bizarre but fascinating thriller with monkeys and Elizabeth Shue

I think this was a break-through movie for Elizabeth Shue. It was the first time I heard of her as an actress. I think I saw the movie back in 1988, but it made quite an impact on my young impressionable mind. After watching the movie, I had a real fascination with primate intelligence. The psycho-sexual interaction between Shue and the monkeys stayed in mind all this time. In particular, I remember quite vividly the bathroom scene. It was strange from me to see that back then. And, everytime I see anyone take a bath or shower with a pet in the bathroom on a movie or commercial, I think of that scene.

Reviewed by Movie Nuttball 10 / 10

A great movie!

Link is a very good film. The acting by Elisabeth Shue and Terence Stamp was very good especially by Stamp but the real stars of the movie are the apes! The great ape that played Link was excellent! I couldn't help but laugh at him because of the way he acts, the things he does, the faces he makes, and the way he moves. I know it isn't suppose to be funny but he makes this classic a very serious but a hilarious film! The chase scenes with Link were cool! The music by Jerry Goldsmith is excellent! A very good theme he composed and the entire score is perfect for the movie! Link is great and is an entertaining movie! I strongly Recommend it!

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