Head of State



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 17895

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Clarke Peters as Fundraiser Demo-Tape Man
Keith David as Bernard Cooper
Chris Rock as Mays Gilliam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christian123 4 / 10

Weak comedy with only a few laughs

Head of State has a few funny moments, just not enough to sustain its running time. Mays Gilliam is about to be red-lined out of his job. But after the untimely death of the party frontrunner, Gilliam is plucked from obscurity, and thrust into the limelight as his party's nominee--for President of the United States. The players in Gilliam's life include: Mitch Gilliam, his unsophisticated older brother who becomes his running mate; Kim, his ex-girlfriend who had once dumped him, but who now has a sudden change of heart; Martin Geller, his campaign manager; Lisa Clark, the woman who truly believes in Gilliam; and Debra Lassiter, the woman who doesn't have faith in his candidacy, and is serving as his reluctant adviser. The plot sounds okay and it defiantly has potential since Chris Rock is attached too it. It didn't work out that way though as the film is just not very funny. I used to think Chris Rock was funny in films such as Dogma. Now after films like this one, Bad Company and Down to Earth, I'm start to think he has lost his touch. He is also the director so he could have changed something that he didn't like in the script. Bernie Mac is disappointing in this film as well and he didn't have a lot to work with either. None of the other cast members do much and their talents are wasted with this movie. Head of State isn't insulting it just gets really boring at times. Its actually a pretty short film at just 95 minutes long, though it defiantly feels a lot longer then that. The jokes are old and the film is pretty predictable as well. Its just a silly comedy though so its not worth really hating and taking too serious. Its just disappointing since it could have been so much better. In the end, this is a below average comedy and not really worth watching. Rating 5/10, skip this one.

Reviewed by Prismark10 5 / 10

The Campaign

A film that feels remarkably aged and redundant after the 2008 US Presidential elections with the election of Barack Obama.

Mays Gilliam (Chris Rock) is a conscientious and hard working Alderman in Washington DC. After saving a woman and her cat from a building that is about to explode. Mays is plucked from obscurity to be the replacement presidential candidate when the previous dies in a plane crash.

Of course he has been selected so he can put up a plucky fight and lose, so their can be a serious candidate four years later. His rival is the hot favourite to win the election. He is the current vice president, a war hero and a cousin to Sharon Stone.

The film is mildly amusing, silly but falls way off base as a political satire. The script feels half finished and half baked. At times you feel that you are watching a series of sketches than a movie.

Reviewed by Sinnerman 8 / 10

Written, directed and starring the Rock....Chris Rock

In this film, the Vice President, who's the front-runner candidate for office in a coming election, often dispenses with below campaign sound bite at whatever opportunity he gets:

"I have been the Vice President for 8 years. I am a war veteran. And I'm the cousin of Sharon Stone. God bless America...and no place else."

With lines like these, what's not to like about Head of State?

Here's the premise of the film. Both the the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate of a "losing" party died when their planes crashed into each other (don't ask). With the election just weeks away, the party decided to intentionally look for a "loser" replacement candidate; one who will lose at a pegged percentage (not too much, not too little), and yet is capable of winning some "leverage" points for the next round of election. And they found Chris Rock. Enough said.

Pardon the cliché, but Head of State has to be seen to be believed. Hell, just its opening credits alone are LOL already. If you asked me, I would think this flick's mixed bag of humour (from no-holds barred low brow to smart insightful attacks on American electoral politics) worked only because it has been delivered the only way someone as comic-attuned as Chris Rock knew how. The business of making people laugh is a tough one. And IMO, Chris Rock is one of the best in the business.

Can you imagine a fluffier, more convoluted Bulworth crossed with the crude but often logical sensibilities of South Park - The movie? If yes, proceed to imagine lines hurled at you that's as zingy as a Kevin Smith vehicle (both the good and the really bad ones) and blatant slapstick's as throwaway LOL as those Airplane/ Naked Gun movies? Ladies and germs, if you can imagine all that, congrats! Because that is Head of State for you, nutshell cracked wide open. But whether you will swallow the nuts or not (I always chew first, then swallow), will depend largely on your threshold and expectation already.

We need not reminders that we all live in ludicrous times now, do we? So why not accord some of that time laughing at it all, relishing in the enjoyment of a film as ludicrously conceived as this one? Personally, I look upon Head of State as a brilliant political comedy. Its charm actually lies in its greater interest in comedy than politics. I am delighted to see this film juggle sly political wish fulfilment with the conscious play-it-up for laughs. Sometimes, strictly for laughs. So yes, I am won over and willingly lap this flick up.

Make no mistake, Head of State is a hit and miss movie. But its hits far exceed its misses. In fact, its hit rate is almost comparable to (and arguably higher than) the raunch-assisted Scary Movie. Its (sporadic) intelligence however, far surpasses the entire Waymon Bros output combined.

Hmm....its plain to see that the manic sinnerman love this movie. I have not been this entertained in very long time. Hence I shall willingly dispense you all this flick recommendation. If one pop this title into a player at any random night, I do think it will provide willing folks with an antidote release from the blues of a hellish school/work day prior. So people, go hunt for the Head of State now (pun unintended).

My word is out. God bless America....and no place else!

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