Heart Condition


Comedy / Crime / Drama / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 2972


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Denzel Washington as Napoleon Stone
Bob Hoskins as Jack Moony
Eva LaRue as Peisha
Theresa Randle as Ciao Chow Club Maitre D'
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 7 / 10

A film of not bad condition

You get the feeling, right from the opening images, this is a too serious film to be a comedy. I don't think I laughed at anything, except two things, and I'm not really sure if they were, that they were from this movie. Only a couple of things manage to carry this movie off, favorably. It's definitely the chemistry between two great actors + a great actress, sorely very underused. Bigoted cop, Hoskins playing the role to a nice tee, suffers a major heart attack, after years of eating those fast foods, we so much love. He has a transplant from a dead guy, Washington. Coincidentally, it's the slick lawyer of a former girlfriend/prostitute (the versatile Webb) he's been tailing. And guess what, after surviving the heart attack, he reappears, only for Hoskins's eyes, where he implores this cop, now re-assigned to desk duty, and a strict diet, to him find the killers, he fell afoul of. Denzel is perfectly suited for his role, where we are reminded of just how good an actor he is. Webb, an actress I like, is just as good, looking beautiful as Hoskins's girl, who has a secret of her own. The film doesn't work as a comedy, despite some cute dialogue of Washington, and some mad antics from Hoskins's parading as a nutso. Still as an entertaining crime adventure film, it works, mainly from it's contributing performances, where as an end treat, we have that great song by Bonnie Raitt It also again, raises that issue of health, where like me, a too little number are adverse to eating the healthy stuff.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Average action comedy with an exceptional pair : Washington and Hoskins

The tale concerns about Mooney , a bigoted police officer (Bob Hoskins) from Los Angeles who has problems with his captain(Roger E. Mosley). Mooney pursues a debonair ,elegant though mobster black lawyer(Denzel Washington) named Stone whose slogan is live fully while you may reckon not the cost . When Stone is dating his ex-fiancée (Chloe Webb) is seen by Mooney . Soon afterwards Stone is shot and deceased , meanwhile Mooney suddenly suffers a stroke . When he wakes , the Stone's heart has been transplanted and his ghost is now his constant companion , hoping the cop will help to avenge his killing .

The picture is a fantastic action/comedy in which there are suspense , humor, an enjoyable romance, bemusing fantasy and results to be quite entertaining . However , the screenplay is sometimes ridiculous, drags in some places and full of unlikely situations . The protagonist duo is good , as nice acting by Bob Hoskins in a comic role such as in ¨ Roger Rabbit (Robert Zemeckis)¨ , nevertheless he usually plays dramatic characters (¨ Neal Jordan's Monalisa¨) , Denzel Washington is fine but his specialty turns out to be the strong and tough roles . The production film is in charge of ¨New Line Cinema (Robert Shaye)¨ ,nowadays an important producing company with enormous success . The motion picture is regularly directed by James D. Parriott. The flick will appeal to Denzel Washington fans and fantastic comedy lovers. Rating : Acceptable, passable and amusing.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 5 / 10

Lost Between Comedy and Crime

In Los Angeles, the call girls Crystal Gerrity (Chloe Webb) and Peisha (Eva LaRue) are partying with the prominent Senator Marquand (Frank R. Roach) that has an overdose. Crystal keeps the film with the photos she had taken and together with Peisha, she meets the lawyer Napoleon Stone (Denzel Washington) that is her boyfriend. Meanwhile the racist and bigoted cop Jack Moony (Bob Hoskins) sees Stone in his car with Crystal, who was his girlfriend, and chases him despite the protest of his partner Harry Zara (Ray Baker) that wants to be promoted to detective. However Jack has a heart attack but is saved by the heart of Stone, who had a car accident. Out of the blue, Jack sees the ghost of Stone that tells him that he was murdered. Jack is forced to team-up with Stone to investigate who killed him. But no one else can see Stone but him.

"Heart Condition" is a strange film that is lost between comedy with heavy hand and crime. The plot is funny is some moments and violent in others. There are holes in the story, like for example, how Jack would explain the large amount that he had spent. In addition, this character is non-likable. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Uma Estranha Condição" ("A Strange Condition")

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