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Marko Zaror as Pardo
Noah Segan as Steve Bradock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ActionFan-Reviews 8 / 10

Welcome A New Action Star To The Club - Marko Zaror !

Action fans may remember Marko Zaror from "Undisputed III" . If you loved that movie and other great martial arts action films of the recent past like "The Raid" or "Ninja II", you will definitely enjoy "Redeemer". Marko Zaror further proves how underrated of an action star he really is in this solid B-movie which features wall-to-wall action packed, violent fights from start to finish that will have you saying holy sh*t at least once. The action and fights are inventive and feel fresh, gritty and realistic compared to most PG-13, shaky cam and CGI bloated action films that come out of Hollywood. Fans know that in these types of low budget B movies, story/character typically come secondary. surprisingly enough, the story is engaging and plays out like a classic western. The character is also given a little more depth and back story than you'd typically expect. This is one of the best and at the same time least known action movies you will see all year. Fans of such modern action stars like Scott Adkins, Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa. Welcome Marko Zaror to the club as he proves he can kick some serious ass. Overall, for the real action fans out there, your faith in modern action movies just may be redeemed after watching this !


Reviewed by Dark_Lord_Mark 9 / 10

Watch This Movie and You Shall Be Redeemed!

Redeemer (2014) is fantastic.

It is missing the Hollywood bells and whistles, and has a low production cost, but that does not make a movie watchable.

This movie is watchable and has a somewhat mysterious hero. We see glimpses of his past as the movie unfolds, to see what made him the Redeemer.

This is a solid action movie, which I always search for. I want those awesome 80's action flicks back. Small budget gems like Perfect Weapon and No Retreat, No Surrender 1-3 and so on.

This movie while not in the same vain, as it is somewhat serious throughout, makes me happy that Chile, can produce movies, that Hollywood forgot how to make. The acting is okay, but we are here for the really nice fight scenes. Very well done!

I gave it a 8.5 out of 10! Very surprised and happy I gave it a shot, and you should too.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Spanish Saint

Since Boondock Saints this isn't the first attempt to capture that formula. But this Spanish effort does have something in or rather up its sleeves that other knockoffs probably didn't have: decent stunts and action sequences to support the rather predictable story. Though it does surprise in the end I reckon.

Whatever you think about redemption or if you're religious or not, the movie tries to cover a lot of bases. But never loses focus of what makes it great or at least good. The main actor may not have so say much with words, which may play in his favor, letting his actions speak louder than words. Whether you see him as anti-hero or something of a saint is up to you as the viewer. It's not the only challenge the movie gives you ... the humor is questionable for some I guess, but I did like it

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