Hell to Pay



IMDb Rating 4.6 10 229

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William Smith as Emil Brax
Lee Majors as Marshall Boone
Stella Stevens as Mary Potter
Buck Taylor as Dr. Adam Galen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cacorbett 5 / 10

Familiar Faces/Familiar Story

This Low Budget Western features some familiar Western TV Actors , supporting a lesser known main cast. Its the familiar tale of brother against brother, family conflict and attempts at redemption. In a town ran by an unscrupulous saloon owner, the brothers face off against competing elements ...and each other ! Virginian Star James Drury has a featured role as the straight arrow Town Sheriff, saddled with a thankless job and questionable town loyalty. Bo Svenson is the one-eyed villain and there are cameo appearances by stars of Laredo, Lawman and Gunsmoke. Even Lee Majors of Big Valley fame appears as a US Marshal! Some of the acting is amateurish, but the story is interesting and it was very nice to see the various TV Western legends on the screen again in this more recent western outing. Recommended for fans of classic Television westerns......

Reviewed by imdb-11740 10 / 10

Fun Entertainment

This is a cute little movie that provides pretty much what it promises - some good entertainment. After all, when a movie proclaims it features top SASS shooters, you have to figure that it is not a likely candidate for the "Best Picture" Oscar. Those guys are shooters, not actors. Your next clue is that the movie doesn't star Nicholas Cage or Jennifer Aniston, i.e. you shouldn't expect to see the current hottest names. It was meant to be just plain old entertainment and in that regard it is every bit as good as a lot of the old "oaters" I have seen through the years.

SO what do you get with "Hell To Pay"? You get 100 minutes of good old entertainment. You get a chance to see some stars from past years, who act pretty much like what they did in their prime but a little older. You get to see some good SASS shooters in major roles and a few SASS hams in the background. It was a lot of fun for me seeing people that I have shot with, visited in their homes and who are my good friends get to do something that a lot of people only ever dream about - they're in a real, live honest to gosh movie. They're doing something a lot of wannabe actors and wannabe shooters will never get the chance to do and I think that alone makes it worth the watch.

Admittedly, not everyone is a SASS member and so I saw lots of fun and humor that others may miss, but it is still good, old-fashioned entertainment, and frankly, there are a LOT of movies in the theatre right now that I wouldn't give a nickel to see, so save the money to go see "Brokeback Mountain" get "Hell to Pay" and watch some real cowboys have some fun.

Reviewed by rancidroy 6 / 10

Good, clean fun

I considered the combination of professional actors and experienced real life wild-west shooters a bit of refreshment.

Admittedly a portion of the actors were "dated" but then the appeal of this movie is for the same group of folks. No, it ain't John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Maureen O'Hara, or Tom Selleck but its an entertaining, straight forward movie intended to have no hidden messages or social commentaries. Which is what truly good movies are.....entertainment. I think this movie has the potential to become a sort of campy, cult classic.

True, a couple of the "Bad Guys" could have been better looking but you gotta go with what you can get!

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