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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vinzesiddharth 9 / 10

Excellent, intense & gripping courtroom drama!!

More than half of the seats empty in the theater at an afternoon show of "Pink" gives us the message whats exactly wrong with Bollywood. Replacing the movie with Dabangg or other such worthless crap, shows would be house-full. Pink is a masterpiece and lives up to it's expectations. Powerful and world-class performances given by Amitabh Bachchan sir (once again) and Piyush Mishra makes this movie a gem. This is one of the career best performance by Big B. He runs the whole show. Tapsee's acting could have been so much better; but still, it was a job well done.

The movie deals with what we read daily in our newspapers. MOLESTATION. This movie depicts the corrupt system and shows it in a brutally honest way (personal experience).

I'd say go for this movie, you'll surely love it. Fans of Amitabh will get =a bombastic surprise! ;)

Reviewed by snaidu422 10 / 10

Dyeing our conscience

When a girl says NO, (she could be anyone, your girl friend, your date, your wife or even a sex worker)…. it means a NO. This is exactly the point which PINK drives to the audience, all the while shaking up our conscience and questioning ourselves.

Minal Arora (Taapsee Pannu) Falak Ali (Kriti Kulhari) and Andrea (Andrea Tariang) are three friends and room mates who choose to go to a rock concert and run into Rajveer Singh (Angad Bedi) and his friends. The girls are invited for dinner which they choose to accept and it is implied that Rajveer and his friends tried to act fresh with the girls and Minal in an act of self defense hits

Rajveer with a bottle, making him almost lose an eye. Both the parties choose not to go to the law enforcement authorities and few days later, the girls are threatened by phone calls and their house owner is given threats to have the girls thrown out. Minal goes to the police and reports the incident which happened that night and an FIR is filed. But to her shock, she is arrested on the charges of prostitution and murder attempt.

Steps in Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh Bachan) a once famous elderly lawyer who has quit practice mainly due to his bipolar disorder. Sehgal offers to defend the girls in a case which almost appears to be a lost cause as the girls are subjected to humiliation and are portrayed as criminals.

Amitabh Bachan as Sehgal gives once again a magnificent performance, his gas mask, his blank stares in the courtroom all add up to his fantastic portrayal of the character.

Taapsee Pannu gives the best performance of her career, her body language, her mumbling, frightened looks and especially the scene where Sehgal calls her to the stand, make it the most outstanding performance of the year.

Kriti Kulhari need s a special mention, especially in the breakdown scene on the stand.

Angad Bedi is good as well and actually makes us loath the character, especially in the final cross-examination scene which brings out the double standards the society is into.

Screenplay by Ritesh Shah deserves applause and especially the dialogues when Sehgal lists out the safety standards for women/girls.

Direction by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary is classy and does not deviate from the plot with inane sub plots. Right from the word go, he ensures every scenes grips our conscience and tugs us into self- examination.

I would not recommend it to anyone who wants to watch flashy item songs, or duets set in Switzerland or out of the world costumes. This movie is for patrons who are into serious cinema and can appreciate good performances.

Reviewed by hemantkhanna97 10 / 10

Pink movie review-"Tum Ladkia ho Yaar"

Yes, its finally here.The movie i was waiting for so long. first of all,i will like to finally say this thing that after a long leap of time i felt goosebumps watching a Bollywood film.Last time was for "Titli". And it was an Honour to see Mr.Bachchan in such a terrific role. every one was just phenomenal. Piyush Mishra did a good job as well. and those three girls Of course,what a great privilege for them to share screen with the Shehanshah himself.:) The movie will be having a good grip on you through out the Runtime The movie is not "Damini" of modern age. This is a tight slap on all those so called "Sanskari uncles and aunties" that judge girls by what they wear. Every person not just a male,but this is was for every gender. It asks just a single question to the society i.e "WHY" why don't you just let girls do whatever they want to do. At least let them smile or laugh for god sake. please don't just wait for someone to point out some faults in your daughter,sister or mother. If you can worship "female gods" then for god sake just respect the ones you have in your society.

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