High Heels and Low Lifes


Action / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 3376

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Minnie Driver as Shannon
Michael Gambon as Kerrigan
Mary McCormack as Frances
Hugh Bonneville as Farmer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by almostwitty 7 / 10

Finally, a balanced crime-comedy

Most crime films that purport to be funny usually end up with a few too many laughs, making their criminals bumbling morons. Which may make for some great laughter, but with no real menace to make you wonder why they're criminals to begin with.

Not this film - the balance between menace and comedy is carried out perfectly. The criminals are allowed to be menacing and intelligent (for the most part) while the two leads get on with the job of comedy. At least until the end, when it goes just a bit too far...

My major problem with the film is the relationship between Driver and McCormack. It never quite gels - although that could just be my inability to see McCormack's performance as anything other than Donna Air with an American accent!

All in all, worth a look - but not exactly an Oscar winner.

Reviewed by staceym 10 / 10

On the whole, well worth the effort.

I approached this film with much trepidation, as I had heard no comments - good or bad - about it, and I have to say I was suitably impressed. The performances, particularly by Minnie Driver and Mary McCormack, were spot on, and the script was both witty and original in equal measure. Mark Williams as the acidly sarcastic Detective and Hugh Bonneville as the irate farmer are particular delights. On the whole (though a little slow to start) this film is funny, original and well worth the effort.

Reviewed by gridoon 7 / 10

Implausible but fun.

This movie starts out unremarkable, but it gets better, so stick with it. It is alternately silly (mostly in the first and last 15 minutes) and edgy (in the middle), but if you can ignore the various implausibilities (why would such a well-organized and highly professional team of robbers have such a moron as their lookout in the first place?) it's fun, with engaging performances particularly by Minnie Driver and Kevin McNally (who does the right thing by playing his role straight). In any case, it is much better than the very similar and mean-spirited "Beautiful Creatures" from the same year. (**1/2)

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