Hollywood Story


Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 381

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Julie Adams as Sally Rousseau / Amanda Rousseau
Richard Conte as Larry O'Brien
Jim Backus as Mitch Davis
Joel McCrea as Joel McCrea
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kidboots 9 / 10

Hollywood Murder Mystery!!!

On February 2nd, 1922, William Desmond Taylor, a top Paramount director, was found dead of a gunshot wound in his Hollywood bungalow - a murder that has never been solved. A couple of witnesses saw a man or a woman dressed in men's clothing flee the scene but the studio was called before the police and in an effort to save careers and reputations a lot of evidence was destroyed or tampered with. "Hollywood Story" was purported to ride on the coat tails of "Sunset Boulevard" of the year before but I thought it had more in common with "The Preview Murder Mystery", a Paramount quickie of 1935, which told of the mysterious disappearance of a silent matinée idol.

Larry O'Brien (Richard Conte) is a hot shot producer bought to Hollywood by Mitch Davis (Jim Backus), his old school chum now a top agent. He becomes enthralled by an unsolved murder of long ago (Jan. 5th, 1929) of a top silent director, Franklin Ferrara. He is given the bungalow where Ferrara met his death (the layout of the rooms looks eerily like those where Taylor met his death) and it is completely unchanged since 1929. Against Mitch's advice Larry decides to go ahead with a movie about the mysterious murder and a host of "old timers" are introduced - Francis X. Bushman, Betty Blythe, William Farnum, Helen Gibson - even "new timer" Joel McCrea has a cameo role. He also seeks out Ferrara's writer, Vincent St. Clair (Henry Hull) who is living in a shack and employs him to write the script.

It seems everyone is less than pleased that a movie about the murder is being made - someone even takes a pot shot at Larry through the window. That murder attempt brings in inquisitive cop Budd Lennox (a young Richard Egan) and being a William Castle movie even he seems to have a hidden motive in trying to solve the old case. There is also Larry's manager Sam Collyer (Fred Clark) who says he will definitely not support dredging up the past then quickly changes his mind - it comes out he was also involved with Ferrara at the time, being his business manager. Also upset is Sally Rousseau (Julie Addams), Ferrara's leading lady's daughter who begs him to forget the movie as too many innocent people will be hurt - she seems to be very close to reclusive matinée idol Roland Paul (Paul Cavanaugh).

I was amazed to see "The Phantom of the Opera" being passed off as a "Franklin Ferrara" picture instead of Rupert Julians. Had people of 1951 really forgotten so much about silent film history that William Castle was confidant that no one would pick up the obvious mistake!!! When "Hollywood Story" was released, Universal went out of it's way to promote the former famous silent stars who appeared in the movie (to me, William Farnum appeared more sprightlier than in the westerns I had seen him in from the early 1930s ie "The Painted Desert" (1930)) but there was always someone with a gripe. Elmo K. Lincoln, the movies original Tarzan, complained bitterly about being exploited, saying he was only paid $15 a day (for a non speaking part) but the studio got $15,000 worth of free publicity out of him!!!

Reviewed by django-1 10 / 10

Surprisingly good mystery with silent-film era plot

I got this film because I like 40s/50s mysteries, because I like Richard Conte, and because it was directed by William Castle and thus HAD to be interesting. Actually, it is an excellent little mystery. New York-based producer Conte comes out to LA to make some films and rents an old studio building that hasn't been used since the silent era (which was only 22 years ago at the time of this film). The last year of silents, 1929, a major silent director was killed at the studio, and the case has never been solved. Conte decides to research the director and the murder for a film plot--he digs up a few of the people who worked at the studio and learns more about the mystery... while a new mystery starts to develop and the guilty party from 1929 starts to cause trouble again. It's as cleverly plotted as the best Columbo or Perry Mason episode, and Conte as always is powerful and sympathetic. He was one of the great post-WWII stars and his work should be revived today--watch THE BROTHERS RICO sometime! Great supporting cast with Jim Backus, Richard Egan, the lovely Julie Adams, and silent star and 30s independent-film regular William Farnum. It's always good to be pleasantly surprised by a film that delivers much more than you expected, and this is such a nice little mystery. It's not on video or DVD, but keep your eye out for it.

Reviewed by marymal 8 / 10

Great Hollywood Locations

This film truly is a Hollywood story, employing real actors from the silent period and filmed on real locations throughout Hollywood and Los Angeles. There are views of buildings up and down Hollywood Blvd., including Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Roosevelt Hotel, Charlie Chaplin Studios on La Brea Ave., the Sunset Strip, Universal Studios, and the Hollywood Christmas Parade. It appears that more silent film stars shot cameos than actually made it into the film, but it still salutes and highlights the early days of Hollywood. Art direction is top notch, the acting is fine, and the story is really entertaining. The mystery is well thought out and keeps you guessing until the end. This is much more serious and top notch than the typical William Castle film.

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