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Richard Riehle as Turley
Damien Puckler as Chase
Rachel Alig as Megan
Devanny Pinn as Jessie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by salmon62 1 / 10

Worst movie of its kind and fake reviews from cast/crew

This movie looks like a college film class project. The plot is far-fetched and completely unrealistic. There are no "professional hitmen" with noble causes floating around especially the goofy, undisciplined multi-racial group represented in this movie. Serial killings do not go unaddressed by the Police ever!

In this movie, a "hitman" drives around in a high visibility car, parks directly in front of his contract's homes and kills with impunity. No sirens heard or police invention ever. No law enforcement seen, despite sloppy, frequent murders. Complete fantasy. We're asked to believe that a buffed out, high profile urban Rambo-type is operating in a big city, adopts a child he made an orphan, and lives with a woman whose parents he killed. Plus, we're asked to believe that the hitman has some moral compass.

I gave this film a "1 star review" because the story is full of holes and the acting is flat. Its completely unrealistic.

In addition, My rating will serve to balance the fake industry insider/crew/cast member reviews that popped up almost immediately. People are aware now of the fake reviews by people attached to the films!

Reviewed by jimking-03363 2 / 10

So where are the top 1000 voters? This is a scam

I am so confused as to how this has a high score? It is clear to me that its all made up as this was a very bad film. It is student style quality with poor editing and very poor sound in places that made the film a terrible watch.

Reviewed by milesgreen-31999 2 / 10

Lame lick my buick

What was this about?????? was it just a guy driving around trying to look cool or what??????? this was lame in all ways possible a complete waste of cast turned into cardboard cutouts. Whoever directed this needs to go back to film school and learn the basics and then maybe they can put out a movie that works.

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