Horizons West



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Julie Adams as Lorna Hardin
Rock Hudson as Neil Hammond
Raymond Burr as Cord Hardin
James Arness as Tiny McGilligan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Hammond Family Values

Horizons West casts Robert Ryan and Rock Hudson as the Hammond brothers, Confederate veterans of the Civil War who take different lessons from losing the conflict. Rock just wants to go back and settle down with their parents John McIntire and Frances Bavier and make their cattle ranch pay. Robert Ryan does not like being on the losing side and wants to be rich and powerful.

Only problem is that Yankee carpetbaggers like Raymond Burr are grabbing everything in the South that's of any value. After a humiliating poker defeat from Burr, Ryan vows to get even and get Julie Adams who is Burr's wife and whom he takes a fancy to.

Budd Boetticher directed this and while Boetticher is more famous for some of the features he did with Randolph Scott, this one has a lot to recommend it. Ryan gives a powerful performance as a man twisted by both revenge and defeat. He does defeat Burr, but in the process loses his humanity and his family though he gains Adams for what good that does him in the end.

This western is also has a dubious distinction of boasting performances by James Arness and Dennis Weaver before they co-starred in Gunsmoke. Arness plays a Confederate veteran friend of both Hammond brothers who gravitates to Hudson. Weaver is another Confederate veteran who becomes Ryan's second in command in the rustling gang he first organizes in his quest for power.

Horizons West still holds up well for today's audiences. Recommended highly for western fans, Budd Boetticher fans, and Robert Ryan fans.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 6 / 10

You are leaving Texas at your own peril. You are about to enter Zona Libre.

Horizons West is directed by Budd Boetticher with a story written by Louis Stevens. It stars Robert Ryan, Rock Hudson, Julia Adams, John McIntire, Raymond Burr & Dennis Weaver. It's a Technicolor production with Charles P. Boyle on photography.

It's the end of the Civil War and the Hammond brothers Neal (Hudson) and Dan (Ryan) return to the family ranch in Texas. Neal is happy to graft away on the ranch but Dan wants considerably more. But Dan's plans are altered after an encounter with Cord Hardin (Burr), an encounter that sees Dan switch to the wrong side of the law. A switch that drives a wedge thru the Hammond family, particularly since Neal has decided to don a badge and become a Marshal of Austin.

Interesting and watchable early Western effort from Budd Boetticher. It has some psychological aspects that mark it out as being above average. Themes of greed and family strife are of course nothing new in the grand scheme of the Western movie, but Boetticher and his cast knit them together here with some conviction, notably Ryan who was in the middle of a great run of movies that included On Dangerous Ground, Beware, My Lovely and The Naked Spur. There's no real complexities to the characters, but they are well formed, and the finale has the courage of its convictions. There's also some very neat period costuming from Rosemary Odell, with the quite ravishing Adams benefiting greatly there. The main problematic issues outside of some narrative familiarity come with being asked to believe that Ryan and Hudson (whose limp) are brothers, and that McIntire is Ryan's father (there's only two years between them in reality). Whilst there's sadly a lack of impacting outdoor photography; even if that's off set a touch by the easy on the eye set designs for the town by Russell A. Gausman & Joseph Kish.

A more than adequate time filler for the discerning Western fan. 6/10

Reviewed by robin-moss2 5 / 10

No great classic, but unpretentious and enjoyable

"Horizons West" is the kind of unpretentious, fast-paced Technicolor western that Universal-International churned out in the 1950s. The pared-down narrative combined with tight cutting ensures that the movie proceeds briskly even though "Horizons West" was directed without any dramatic intensity. The basic narrative material could have been stretched out to 120 minutes or more, but director Budd Boetticher and editor Ted Kent brought the film in at less than 85 minutes.

Dan Hammond (Robert Ryan), his brother Neil (Rock Hudson) and their ranch colleague Tiny (James Arness) return to Texas from the Civil War. Neil and Tiny are content to return to their previous way of life, but Dan has much bigger ideas. He recruits a gang of army deserters and rustles cattle in a big way. He is very successful and expands into land grabbing and claim jumping. Soon money and success go to his head, and hubris clouds his judgement. Eventually his loyal and loving family turn against him and take it upon themselves to bring him down.

Robert Ryan was always a good, unshowy actor, and he brings out the many sides of Dan Hammond very well. John McIntire, another reliable actor, is also very good as the simple, unambitious father. Julia Adams for once is not given a peaches and cream part, and she too is successful at showing the different aspects of her character. Rock Hudson and Dennis Weaver are still at the beginnings of their careers, and their inexperience and lack of screen presence shows. As was so often the case in those days, Raymond Burr plays an unpleasant character and really makes the audience dislike him.

"Horizons West" is a very minor film and is unlikely to make it onto DVD, but if it appears on television, it is well worth watching.

UPDATE: A Region 2 DVD of this movie will be issued in France in November, 2008. It will have the original English language soundtrack with French subtitles.

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