House of Wax


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
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Chad Michael Murray as Nick Jones
Elisha Cuthbert as Carly Jones
Damon Herriman as Roadkill Driver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lbabe29 8 / 10

A guilty pleasure of mine, a fun and entertaining slasher.

House of wax is a typical slasher in many respects but that does not take away from the certain charm it has pretty much everything you would want in a horror film.

The plot is simple and standard for the genre. We are introduced to a group of young adults on their way to a football game. Carly Jones (Elisha Cuthbert) a sweet yet sassy girl who is nervous about moving to the city for a new job. Her trouble-making bad-boy brother Nick (Chad Michael Murray), supportive best friend Paige (Paris Hilton). Along with Carly's sweet and protective boyfriend Wade (Jared Padalecki) and rounding off the cast Dalton (Jon Abrahams) proving comic relief, and Blake (Robert Ri'chard) Paige's boyfriend who is really just a token character. whilst hoping to score tickets to the final football game of the season. Along the way, they run into some car trouble, and are forced to camp in the woods where they enter a desolate town where nothing is what it appears to be.

What's nice about House of Wax is its relatively slow burning, sure there are some jump scares and creepy moments but the real action does not start until around the 40 minute mark, some might call this dull but for me it only makes the third act even more impressive.

Despite the little character development, the acting is surprisingly good and helps make the characters likable. Jared makes a sympathetic turn as Wade but the real stars are Elisha and Chad. Elisha gives a great performance as Carly and is one of the better lead actresses I've seen in recent horror. She is vulnerable and strong at the same time, portraying fear very well indeed. Chad despite his pretty boy image does a good job as the bad-boy and unlikely hero of the film, he is strong and protective and you root for him as he tries to save himself and his sister. The only problem i had with this paring was the high sexual tension there seemed to be between them. There were many moments where you felt as if they were about to kiss and its almost better to just picture them as girlfriend and boyfriend during the final act.

The film is of course not perfect, the dialog was weak and the big "twist" was hardly anything surprising as you could have predicted it from the start.

The ending tried to give you another "twist" which again failed in the same way the previous one fact the whole ending was a let down. The characters make very stupid choices through out the film such as not making sure the attacker is dead, splitting up etc and whilst these are also a given in slasher films it never stops being annoying.

The third act was pretty intense though if a little short but all in all the film is a great fun ride full of scares and tension....also great kills and leads you want to live instead of hoping they would die.

Reviewed by fieldqcmanager 2 / 10

The Deeper Questions

Considered to be Paris Hilton's finest film, House of Wax is an absurd romp in the horror/slasher genre that poses the deeper questions.

Is Paris really attractive? Will she take off her shirt? Do I even want her to?

Watch this movie and you will ponder these questions and many more.

Reviewed by Syo Kennex 8 / 10

Moder Horror Classic

Growing up with the best horror films of this generation, prejudice against older films that are considered modern classics, is something that I find myself with quite a bit. I never really wanted to watch House of Wax, believing it to be just another old cheap scare that I wouldn't really enjoy. However, my soulmate brought it up in a conversation, and I remember seeing it in Blockbuster, years ago, when I was younger, and wanting to watch it then. Maybe that was just because it was a horror film and I was like "lol, I'm a big kid now", but the remembrance of this made me finally sit down and watch it.

Despite the occasional cheap jump scare, this is actually a really well thought out film; with a good plot, and a story line that doesn't end up losing it's substance, I was thoroughly impressed.

First, this started off very cheaply. It was your typical horror film starting, kids camping out in the forest, something going wrong, and a creepy guy in a truck. This all added up to seem to be another film filled with dumb, sex driven teenagers who were going to fall over from the guy with the chainsaw. However, once this actually started past the introduction, this started to get extremely nerve racking. Within moments of them stepping into the actual House of Wax, I had goosebumps all over my arms and creeping down my spine. I was shocked, and I felt the paranoia creeping up on me itself. Despite one or two jump scares, cheap and just there for the shock of being scared, this was all a really good beginning, with much more class than I cared to believe the film had before watching.

As the story began to unravel and become more apparent with more clues as the story progresses, it reveals a story that has obviously had a lot of thought put into it, and really shocked me. Considering this was made 2004-2005, there was so much to this especially with the plot twists and with Vincent. I was truly in awe at just how well done this was, and honestly, I don't think I've ever found a more interesting story line within a horror film that has shocked me this much.

The ending, was a little bit shaky. Although well rounded, with good acting, there was some parts that just really made me cringe, including Carly's weak attempt at psychological profiling with Vincent, but other than that, this was really, really a good end to the film. There was action, but not too much, the girls weren't completely helpless and managed to at least defend themselves for some time, and it was just really well rounded up.

The characters in this were actually really interesting. A lot of characters in horror films are usually just big breasted women, and the big hunky jocks, to pull people in of all varieties. Although this did have that, the characters in House of Wax were well developed, seemed to have real, actual problems going on, and all had a relationship within each other that helped aid the subplot of the story to some degree. Going on from this, all of the actors did extremely well. I was honestly shocked at the acting quality. They all tried really hard for this film, and it's obvious that they worked at it. There was not a single character in this that I had trouble believing was a real person, that I could find among the real world.

Overall, this was really creepy, and a lot scarier than I first thought – although the description makes it sound like a bit of a different film – I believed that the wax figures were alive, but maybe that was just my interpretation of what was written. I don't think I've seen a film from the 2000's that has actually scared me as much as this has, other than Mirrors (2008). I'd say this is definitely a horror film modern classic and it's a film I'm definitely going to rewatch again.

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