Daughter of the Wolf


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 235


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Gina Carano as Clair Hamilton
Brendan Fehr as Larsen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hesellsmystuff 1 / 10

Be afraid - be VERY afraid - of wasting 1.5 hours of your life - watching this Hackery.

My God this movie is bad. I wonder if Richard Dreyfuss recently got divorced and is broke - so he said yes to this amateur hack a thon. DO NOT - I repeat DO NOT waste 90 minutes watching this. I got about 15 minutes in and had to stop. Yes - it IS that bad.

Reviewed by heblon 1 / 10


Film itself is terrible, low budget, bad acting, the story is terrible. The film itself almost sent me off to sleep, the most exciting it gets is a few chases but other than that dnt expect much!

Reviewed by billyhoes 1 / 10

ugh.... just.... ugh

This is quite possibly the worst movie I've ever had the pleasure of watching and not caring about any of the characters. The dialogue is crap. The action makes no sense. Leaving someone behind to shoot at them when the bad guys didn't even know they were being followed. The idea that these man eating wolves would not eat our fearless, can't be killed but not for lack of trying heroine (or maybe kind of anti-heroine?), but would attack men with guns with dauntless aggression, only then to be scared off by our fearless, can't be killed but not for lack of trying heroine shooting a couple shots in the air is laughably nonsensical. From the opening scene to the final one.... ugh... just... ugh. Sorry, but it just sucked.

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