Hudson Hawk


Action / Adventure / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 48751


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Bruce Willis as Hudson Hawk
Andie MacDowell as Anna Baragli
James Coburn as George Kaplan
Lorraine Toussaint as Almond Joy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Peach-2 7 / 10

This movie is a blast!

Hudson Hawk has cult movie written all over it. Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello have a blast making robberies while singing show tunes. It put me in the spirit of the movie and I enjoyed myself. Everybody in the cast overacts but that didn't bother me at all. This is the kind of movie that after years pass will be considered a cult classic. Check out Hudson Hawk if you want to have a good time. Because like all the best films, you have to suspend your belief in reality to make it work and this movie is fantasy on a whole new level.

Reviewed by MKCustodial 10 / 10

Catch the Hawk!

Yes, it was terribly bashed by critics. Well, what do they know? It's too bad that in the movie industry something this original is cast aside as stupid and pointless and we're left with such pearls that are obviously rip-offs of each other. This has action, comedy, romance, intrigue, music, madness, slapstick, all rolled into one neat bundle. I wish Bruce Willis and Michael Lehmann would be brave enough to get together and treat us to Hudson Hawk 2. I'm sure Danny and Andie would gladly come back for more Hawk, and I can only dream of the insanities and the commentaries that could be presented nowadays, on our total PC age. Politics, society, religion, the movie industry, it's all tackled at here, and could be done again! And the lines! Wow, this movie is almost entirely quotable! Come on guys, think of a sequel! It's not like Bruce Willis is doing any incredible movie these days...

And if you haven't seen this because somebody told you it was a bad movie, open your mind and go watch it now! You won't be disappointed! I guarantee you'll be whistling "Swinging on a Star" when it's over!

Reviewed by captaintetanus 8 / 10

When you see the big guy, tell him he's a loser

I laughed for a week.

This movie has some comic gold in it. It's purposely ridiculous in a smart way. The cast is perfection. The folks who hate this movie lack a certain type of sense of humor, thus its a love it or hate it movie.

I watch this for the comedy moments, without that it's a 5 in my book, but with the comedy and keeping in mind it is from 1991, it's a solid 8.

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