I'll Be Home for Christmas


Drama / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 2219

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Laura Miyata as Linda Parker
Marcia Bennett as Adele
Chantal Quesnelle as Candice Edwards
Giselle Eisenberg as Gracie Foster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan 5 / 10

Winning back the daughter!

It is like my fifth or sixth Christmas film of the season and I must say that I'm not fully pleased. Sadly, this one stands at the last among those I have seen. I'm not bashing it, but the narration lacked the festival spirit. Everyone in the story seems kind of depressing. But that is how this tale was designed to be different from this theme that our television channels are crowded with at this time. So I enjoyed watching it, in the end, I did not like it much as an overall film.

A father, travelling around the North America in his RV had not seen his daughter for like a decade. But his surprise visit during the Christmas eve brings a mixed feeling to her. That's not the same with the rest of the town, who are very happy to see him again. When he adopts a dog, it causes even more trouble in a relationship with his daughter. But his granddaughter is very fond of him and together they do all the festival stuffs. The remaining is to cover how he's going to win his daughter back.

Expecting too much from a television film is very foolish, but that should not be a reason, even when a film is really does not stand up to the mark. The main plot was much better, and it was not fully exploited as it should have been. Especially, most of the parts were predictable and that's fine, but a couple of energetic and surprising events would have turned it around.

Still, I liked the actors, particularly the director in one of the main roles, and again in particular the little kid. She sounded like a very matured (child) actress, so I hope she makes big in the filmdom. Sorry to say, none others, including Mena Suvari looked like they are in the film. In some of the parts, the dog stole the show. So overall simply an okay film, but it can be watched once.


Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Just OK

The story is OK but no real surprises. This is another movie where the community center is in jeopardy and the mini-mystery isn't too surprising. There is a lot of angst with Jackie's bitterness that her father was gone too much. I found it very strange that he had time for the community center but not for family on Christmas when Jackie was young. This didn't make sense the way it was played. To me, it was all the more reason for Jackie to be bitter, but when she learned it, she barely reacted. Another old standard plot device was the workaholic current boyfriend, Rand(y).

James Brolin was pretty good. The other acting was nothing to write Santa about. I didn't see a lot of chemistry between Mena Suvari and John Reardon, but some of that was lack of screen time. Giselle Eisenberg was a pistol. This was another case of the little girl having the apparent maturity of a 40 year old, but it added to the humor. The dog was also a good source of humor.

The Hallmark ending was no surprise but typically over-the-top. If you like this kind of Christmas movie, you will find this one something between OK to good. If you aren't into that, then you might find the humor worth it, but probably not.

Reviewed by teebear817 1 / 10


I cant stand Suvari. (Shiver) she is nails on the chalkboard to me. I see she took a break from grade Z shlock movies. Brolin was miserable. Not likeable at all here. I think Streisand made him do the movie to get him out of the mansion. His disinterest was obvious. Sorry James, sometimes you have to leave her 100 room mansion and actually do something. Even my wife who loves all these movies said he was miserable. The kid was OBNOXIOUS!!!!. Not funny, not charming and badly cast. Comments WAY over her age range. It was brutal listening to her. Crappy writers. No charm, nothing likeable. This was awful. The users who loved it must have worked on the movie. I had to bail out two thirds of the way through to save brain cells. Ugh!!!

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