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Charlotte Rampling as Elma Turner
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Reviewed by twhughes-00286 9 / 10


Had difficulty following it at times, but overall, very enjoyable. Very conceptual, and with no pre-text for anything, left with a lot of questions. But questions I enjoy, not everything has to be spelled out. Overall, was wanting for more.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 4 / 10

Immortal: Memorable certainly, but likable?

This French made but English language sci-fi feature is certainly one of the most unusual films I've seen in recent months and that is really saying something.

For a start the story regards a futuristic world full of folks genetically modified while above them sits a floating pyramid full of Egyptian gods......for some reason!? It tells the story of a girl wanting to be human, not knowing exactly what she is but being targeted from all sides each person with their own agenda including a frisky Egyptian god.

The movie in many respects looks and reminded me of the television series Farscape (1999) but one thing sets it apart and it's one of the most damaging parts of the film.

Live action is merged with animation and by that I don't merely mean the sfx I mean half the characters are animated and animated poorly. The animation is that cheap horrible style you often see in kids cartoons and side by side with live action actors looked ridiculous! The premise of Immortal is solid and the cast were better than I expected but Roger Rabbit did a better job of merging live action and cartoon and that was back in the 1980's! Plus that actually explained why it was full of cartoons, this just looked terrible.

If you can get past this (Which I couldn't) you can do worse, but for me personally it made the film look shoddy.

The Good:

The concept

The cast

The Bad:

Poor animation

Holes in plot

Things I learnt from this movie:

Someone actually thought merging live action and poor cgi animation was a good idea

Egyptian Gods are allergic to clothes

In the future all women will glue their hair to their heads

Reviewed by gagarinmiljkovich 10 / 10

Immortel - even the gods fear death - gods needs us as ever

Originality and... Originality.

Immortel is a one of the greatest sci-fi/fantasy movies I have seen.

The first time I watched Immortel, some years ago, I doesn't liked it. Now, several years later, I liked it.

It has a multi-layered, workable plot striated with hyper-techno meets Egyptian myth, all in a boy meets girl format.

The producers were not working off of a Hollywood big budget, so what minor inconsistencies existed with special effects (which were great, anyway) were negligible.

An unwilling hero is a rare Archetype & I applaud the script writer for such realistic characters within the film.

Thank you, Enki Bilal, for offering this masterwork to us. Excellent !!

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