In the Deep Woods


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 531

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Amy Ryan as Beth
Will Patton as Eric Gaines
Rosanna Arquette as Joanna Warren
Anthony Perkins as Paul Miller, P.I.
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sol-kay 6 / 10

You Killed Margo!

**SPOILERS** Uneven thriller that has to do with a Ted Bundy-like serial killer who seems to get his victims off guard before he murders them. The killer does that with his both charming personality and disarming, usually wearing a cast on his arm or leg or in crutches, demeanor.

Were kept in the dark to who this serial killer is but as soon as Anthony Perkins shows up as a reputed private investigator named Paul Miller it becomes obvious, to those of us watching, that he has to be the guy just by how he acts and carries himself; like a beady eyed and uncontrollable psycho.

Miller goes right after Joanne Warren, Rosanna Arquette, in his investigation of the what becomes known as the "Deep in the Woods" killing. Miller suspects that her brother Tommy, Christopher Rydell, is the one who's committing the murders. Miller is so weird and off-the-wall that you just can't help feeling, like Joanne, that he has to be the one who's committing all these killings. But as the movie unfolds it becomes apparent that not just Miller but everyone in it has a very good chance of being the killer.As the bodies start to pile up the person whom you had first suspected in killing them ending up with an air-tight alibi that he, or she, were somewhere else when the murders were committed.

Getting enough evidence to have Tommy take a psychological test by the police to see if he's truly the psycho that he's curtain he is Miller is shocked to find that Tommy passed it, in proving that he isn't, with flying colors! It's later that Miller finds out that Tommy had been secretly prepping for the test where he knew what answers to give! It also turns out that Joanna's boyfriend Frank, D.W Moffet, may very well be the killer when Joanne finds her girlfriend's Margo (Kimberely Beck), who was murdered the night before, blood stained scarf in the trunk of his car!

As all this is going on we finally get to know what's the real reason for the creepy private investigator Paul Millers obsessive interest in the case and are surprised to find out that his fiancée was murdered by this same "Deep in the Woods" killer some five years ago when he was stationed in Germany with the US Army! Miller had been tracking the killer all these years and is determined to capture and have him face the bar of justice. Not just in the eight murders that he committed here in the states or the other 13 victims that he offed back in Europe but for the murder of the woman that he loved that was taken from him before he had the chance to marry her.

Anthony Perkins' last film that was released some six weeks, October 26, 1992, after his death on September 12, 1992 at the age of 60 from AIDS. Anthony Perkins in the film looked extremely, even for him, thin and gaunt from the ravages of that deadly disease. It was good to see Mr. Perkins go out as a good and, well that may be debatable, normal guy for a change after all the psycho films that he made during his very successful movie career.

Reviewed by callanvass 8 / 10

Surprisingly very good TV thriller, that's actually quite creepy at times, with solid suspense, and excellent performances

This is a surprisingly very good TV thriller, that's actually quite creepy at times, with solid suspense, and excellent performances. All the characters are great, and the story is very good as well, plus Anthony Perkins is simply amazing in this!. The finale is especially good, and the killer may not be as easy to figure out as you think, however I wish there Wern't so many off screen killing's. I was lucky to catch this on TV a while back so I taped, and I must say I got much more then I expected, plus Anthony Perkins plays another great wacky unpredictable character. All the characters are pretty likable, and Rosanna Arquette is very solid as the main lead, plus the music is also quite creepy as well. It did have some genuinely chilling atmosphere at times, and this has to be one of the best TV movies I have ever seen, plus it's very well made and nicely written as well. By limiting Perkins screen time here, I thought it made him much more creepy and mysterious, and it's never boring, plus the ending was great. This is a surprisingly very good TV thriller, that's actually quite creepy at times, with solid suspense, and excellent performances, I highly recommend this one!. The Direction is great!. Charles Correll does a great! job here with solid camera work, very good angles and keeping the film at a fast pace. The Acting is excellent!. Rosanna Arquette is very solid here for the most part, she was likable, vulnerable, and only had a couple off moments, she was especially convincing at the end, I really liked her. Anthony Perkins is amazing as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely creepy, likable, as always unpredictable, and for a his final role, it wasn't too shabby at all, however It would have been cooler if he did a Psycho 5 (Perkins Rules!!!!!!!). Will Patton is good here, as the cop, I dug him. D.W. Moffett is very good here, he was rather creepy as the boyfriend in his own way, and at one point I actually thought he was the killer, he was just great. Christopher Rydell is excellent as the brother, he had a cool character, I dug him lots. Kimberly Beck did what she had to do in her small role as the best friend, I recognized her from Friday the 13th part 4. Rest of the cast do fine. Overall I highly recommend this one!. ***1/2 out of 5

Reviewed by merklekranz 5 / 10

More "red herrings" than a fish market .........

Rosanna Arquette finds herself in the thick of a serial killer investigation, when one of her friends turns up a victim. This not always believable murder investigation turns up one suspect after another, all of which are rather tenuous in the motive and logic department. "In the Deep Woods" seems like it was written to try for some record in the number of "red herrings" that could be stuffed into the rather shallow story. Rosanna Arquette and Anthony Perkins do what they can with some very slight material, and everyone else is quite forgettable., More than a few plot holes develop along the way to what seems like a forced conclusion. - MERK

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