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Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon
Felicity Jones as Sienna Brooks
Ben Foster as Bertrand Zobrist
Irrfan Khan as Harry Sims
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by googlug 1 / 10

"wow this sucks so far, but the ending is gonna be..WHAT THE FUUUUU??????

What a hideous piece of virulent, vomitous excrement. The producers truly must have hit Tom Hanks over the head to make him sign up for this sloppy, vacuous piffle. And if you think I'm taking liberties with the English language, that's NOTHING compared to the liberties that Ron Howard took with this gripping, provocative novel by Dan Brown. I'll ignore the lame beginning (endless dream sequences of Hell) and the middle (senseless scrambling around TripAdvisor Top Ten attractions) and focus on the ending. Don't worry, no spoilers here...except that THEY BALLSED IT UP! YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!! The major, most critical issue facing the human race, which will, without question, lead to the sort of hell that Dante envisioned, is TOTALLY GLOSSED OVER! Our population could reach 15 Billion as soon as 2100. This number is impossible for the earth to sustain. You think the housing crisis of 2009 (which nobody though would happen) was bad? Oh buddy. Think Soylent Green, friends. This film COULD have made a statement, maybe generating some intelligent discourse on a problem which affects every human on earth, black, white, Muslim, Christian, Country Fans, Metal Heads. But SCREW that! We might upset people! Best to give them a sappy, sickening Twinkie ending to gobble up. Skip this movie. Read the book.

Reviewed by randymcbeast 3 / 10

This was like a bad TV version of The Da Vinci Code

This was just one movie that didn't need to be made, but it was and unfortunately it was made poorly.

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard were there again, the locations were beautiful, it was a great cast, and the story had potential to be done right, but it just turned out very wrong.

Let's start with the first fifteen minutes where we have to put up with Tom Hanks' amnesia. Dizzying and distorted views and Hanks' big dumb facial expressions. How annoying. They could have trimmed five or ten minutes of this and we still would have gotten the idea.

Speaking of the amnesia, it was more of a convenient amnesia where the Hanks character could for instance remember his gmail address and password but couldn't remember what coffee was called. It was just nonsense throughout how he would remember something and not remember something.

Another annoyance were the endless chase scenes. Luckily I could fast forward through them though.

And another annoyance, the scene where Sidse Babett Knudsen and Tom Hanks save the day. They go in with a group of people to find the deadly disease. They put it in the containment box and then everybody disappears except for the Knudsen character. She's all of a sudden alone with the box and of course gets attacked by a stabbed guy from a previous fight who swims underwater to find Knudsen. Then, Tom Hanks sees the struggle and jumps in. All of this time nobody else is there from the dozens of people that came in from the World Health Organization. Where did they all go? So dumb.

Lastly, the billionaire who came up with this plan to wipe out half the world's population is apparently capable enough to come up with such a virus but incapable of coming up with a backup plan. So, there's only one bag of this virus instead of dozens or hundreds. His backup plan in case he was killed was to create a cryptic path for his girlfriend to murder her way through just to find and blow up this one bag. So stupid.

Just one sloppy thing after another. It appears Ron Howard has lost his touch because this could have been done so much better.

Reviewed by ro-amunds 6 / 10


Sat down with no anticipations, just a bag of popcorn. I enjoyed both the movie and the popcorn.

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