All Creatures Here Below



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Headturner1 5 / 10

Honest review

When people name actors, producers etc well. Ok decent indie flick. There wasn't much of a story that's been reoccurring theme in these recent films. It was very well acted by the male. It was clear these kids weren't high functioning adults. I wish we they had done some flash backs of how they grew up but that would have given away the big plot twist but I figured it out s soon as they fled. And the ending didn't make sense since he was willing to take the blame for it all. Just felt well. un ended. It was a bit disjointed and not a very exciting story tho they could have made it one. The script was there. In the end it was a decent watch with good acting.

Reviewed by haroot_azarian 10 / 10

Oh my goodness...

So I started watching this movie not knowing what to expect, but right from the outset I knew there was something not right with the Ruby (Gillan) character. Only towards the end was when I realised what was going on. And it totally blew me over. Yes my eyes did well up too. thumbs up to Dastmalchian and Gillan's solid performances, and the directing too!

Reviewed by AziziOthmanMY 5 / 10

A beautiful sad story

The 2 main cast had chemistry and brilliantly gave a stunning performance.

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