Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2002


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Jackie Chan as Hsu Yin-Fung
Nora Miao as Tang Pin-Er
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KillMe666 10 / 10

"Your technique; it's very strange."

The very best old school kung fu movie, period.

Never a dull moment in this film with the action happening right from the beginning. The fight sequences are probably the best I have ever seen - and I've seen a fair few! Chan is completely convincing as a kung-fu master, he is incredible.

Take the opening sequence alone for example - Jackie showing of his skills with various weapons - absolutely amazing, it surely must have taken ages to produce, and more than a dozen band-aids.

As for the rest of the film, see it for yourself, the characters may be strange, the dubbing hilarious (adds to the charm) but if you like a good kung fu flick with action on overload, starring the greatest (in my opinion) martial artist movie-star of all time, then this simply must not be missed.

Reviewed by winner55 7 / 10

more fun than a barrel of snakes and cranes

having just about butchered more old Hong Kong action films than i care to mention, Columbia-Tristar actually did something right with the DVD re-release of this film - they restored a brief snippet towards the end that had long been lost to the standard American video release of it. The snippet is only about a minute of film, but it explains the emotional upheaval shown by one of the characters, and why he decides to aid Jackie in the final battle.

This is one of the better pure chop-socky 'fu films of Chan's early period, while still under contract to Lo Wei. Chen Chi Hua is really only directing a typical chop-socky, but he does allow Jackie to try out some mugging for the camera as well as some shtick. most of the actors are quite up for their supporting roles, and although the script is pretty standard fair, Chen and Chan rarely let it get beyond their capacity to have a good time, and to share this with the audience.

By no means a classic, but a thoroughly entertaining 'fu film.

Reviewed by SamuraiNixon 6 / 10

You fools, you must be tired of living.

Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin is mostly known for being a transitional movie for Jackie. He did not play the grim Bruce Lee archetype that Lo Wei tried to mold in him, but was the start of a comedic and lighter hero for Chan. Snake and Crane was a box office failure in Hong Kong, but it got Jackie recognition in Hong Kong. It also showcased his increased intricate and atypical fight choreography with an increase of humor and props.

There is really much to like in this film. Chen Chi-hwa (Half a Loaf of Kung Fu) did an excellent job of direction with beautiful wide-screen shots of gorgeous scenery and elaborate placement of camera position. I wish he directed more films. Jackie's choreographed fight scenes are also very good. Like many of the martial art films of this time, the plot is the rub. Though I did like the first half of the plot.

The film starts with Jackie displaying his various knowledge of weapons including the spear (I cannot believe they lifted music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail for this scene.) The aerobatic display that Chan does (along with others) is far superior to any martial art action done later in the film.

Jackie stars as Su Yin Fong, a sarcastic and most excellent Kung Fu practitioner who has possession of the book "The Eight Steps of the Snake and Crane." A manual of techniques that was thought, along with the Dragon Spear, to be in the possession of Master Lin. It was created and collaborated by eight masters of Shaolin who mysteriously vanished. Or did they? Being in possession of such a prize and openly flaunting it, Su finds himself the target of many ruffians. He is jumped by the Ting Brothers while fishing. He is attacked by the Wu Tang Clan while eating. Later he is attacked by various members of the Black Dragon Clan, Beggar Clan and the Flying Tiger Clan. His only ally is Fong Sie Pin of the Ere May Clan who killed Lady Suon and her minion after Jackie Chan had already defeated them.

Su is also looking for a shoulder-scarred man. He will not let anything stop him from this goal. This includes advances from Tang Pin Nhur (Nora Miao) and her offering of a treasured golden peacock! Now that is a lot of fortitude (or else he is eunuch.) Nora actually has some decent fight scenes in this film. But the plot winds down with too many obvious turns (like who the shoulder-scarred man is and what happened to the Shaolin monks.)

I do feel like this film is worth watching. In addition to the beautiful photography and the actors I have mentioned there are great characters like Lu Lo Qui (with his cursing match against Su), Hong Tu (Gam Ching Lan) who is a pretty petite female pretending to be a male, and Chien Tse (Kam Kong.) If only the plot was stronger (and possibly Lo Wei had less influence on the story) then this film would be mentioned more often and I could create a more cohesive critique. But for historical purposes it will always have its place as a transitional movie in Jackie Chan's illustrious career.

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