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Ed Skrein as Jamie
Paul Anderson as Piggy
Josh Herdman as Anthony
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by btockman 5 / 10

good enough

Piggy was a movie that had grabbed my attention with just the briefest of descriptions "a new breed of vigilante". Disturbing in its portrayal of a young man who isn't really living life until his brother's violent death sparks him into action, deadly action. Piggy was well-acted yet I kind of felt it was trying to be something more than what it was, failing in its attempt to be a thought provoking psychological thriller. The plot wavers between realism and being absurd, at some points just plain bizarre. With this all in mind, accepting the movie as just a typical revenge film it's not bad, not good, but not bad. Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by chungadaddy 6 / 10

Definitely worth it

It has been a while since I have paid to see a movie and felt that it was worth it afterwards.

The plot is ingenuously written. The outcome is a familiar one but most likely not the one you predicted at the beginning of the movie, nor the one you adjusted the plot to at the middle of it.

The actors deliver a solid performance. I feel it is hard to be an indifferent or distant spectator. You can easily build empathy towards the characters, especially with Joe.

Overall I feel that perhaps a 7/10 for some may not be fairest rate. Therefore I am going to try to explain what 7/10 means to me: it is a solid movie, with an interesting plot, with enough deepness to allow getting caught up in it, good characters and good actors. It has its pertinence and entertainment value. It is worth seeing it. For me, it will not the most memorable movie nor will revolutionize movie history. It is simply a good flick.

Reviewed by xxkungfuchickxx-71-963384 9 / 10

I loved this film from start to finish!

I loved this film and I felt that this was one of those rare treats that instantly grabs you and delivers an amazing story from start to finish. Excellent acting and the main characters, Joe, John and Piggy were very likable.

Despite Piggy's dark side I was instantly drawn to him emotionally because he was charming with a rugged appearance and he was violently ruthless but also still had a tender side. Regardless to what his true motives were he was still a positive force in Joe's life who was able to give him the push he needed to no longer be a victim.

I strongly recommend that if you have not seen this film, you should definitely add it to your must see list.

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