Jenny's Wedding


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevepat99 10 / 10

Heigl shines! Neither the movie's 'theme' nor Heigl deserve to be trashed

The single review, as I post this, trashes the movie as 20 years too late and Heigl's films as bomb after bomb as her career gets ready to crash. Way too harsh. Many, many movies are based on recurring themes i.e. man meets woman, falls for her BUT she is engaged to another. This movie's theme, gay daughter (or son)who has not come out to her parents has been a standard dramcom theme for many years. To say this theme is 20 years too late is to say there are no longer young adults who are in the closet when it comes to their conservative, main street USA parents which, of course, is not the case. You could probably due a current version of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and even that could still work. The very title, Jenny's Wedding, which is a central them of the movie fits in with the new current waive of legal gay marriages which did not and could not have happened twenty years ago.

MOST of the 500 who have seen this film gave it thumbs up. Even the one negative review I am referring to ends by saying it was 'somewhat entertaining.' I assume that is akin to being somewhat 'alive' ... a very good thing to be.

As for Heigl's crashing career not so fast. She continues to entertain us with films such as 27 Dresses with its respectable 6.1 rating. Her recent departure, black comedy Home Sweet Hell has some great moments, twists and turns with split 50/50 rating. I gave it my thumbs up.

Jenny's Weddng is charming, funny, emotional and true to the angst so many face when coming out to their conservative family. Castnig is first rate with Heigl doing one her best performances. Tom Wilkinson was a great pick for her father. Her mother, played by Linda Emond, was awesome in her many moving, dramatic scenes. Jenny's siblings added to the very real obstacles to many dealing with their wish to come out. The movie musical score was also first rate. All in all I totally enjoyed this best ever effort by Heigl. Since it has been under rated I shall over rate it a tad. Big thumbs up.

Reviewed by aster812-995-102449 5 / 10


The movie starts off OK. We've got Katherine Heigl as a lesbian comming out of the closet, with conservative parents, gossiping sister and a brother. And showing the hipocrisy of the parents and the conflict is pretty interesting. But then an hour passes and it gets so horrificly boring. Of course the movie needs a cliche happy end so everyone has to make up. But it just becomes lazy and basically shows the montage of the offended father with preparations for the wedding. The brother has no purpose in a movie. The sister and her husband are just awkward. They only serve the purpose of showing that straight relationships can be toxic, but it is done in a such lazy way... The father's character is inconsistant. First you think he's going to support his daughter no mather what. Then he turns his back on her cause she made one scene. The mother is the most interesting and best acted character. You can understand the conflict between "what will people say" and "that is my daughter". Once they get along the movie could end for all that I care. The main character's love interest has no personality or backstory whatsoever. We only find out that she's a teacher and her mother lives far away. We don't find out anything about whether her parents even come to the wedding. It's Jenny's Wedding, not Kitty's. Kitty is just an accessory. And finally - Jenny. I don't personally hate Katherine Heigl, nor do I adore her. Here she is just a generic character that you basically don't care about enough to like the movie.

Reviewed by julialeighstern 2 / 10

Um, I think someone is putting folks up to write positive reviews here...

Jenny's Wedding is an utter, tone-deaf disappointment.

Tragically behind the times and generally flimsy. The theme may have been more appropriate 15-20 years ago. But now? It's beyond tired. "Mom, they were kissing! In public! Can you believe it?" You must be kidding.

It's SO CLEAR that this movie was not made by any queer women, and none of it is believable. The supposed lesbians have zero chemistry...they have long talon fingernails for crying out loud!

I wouldn't even recommend this movie to parents struggling with their daughter's sexuality because the characters are all so unlikable and pitiful.

IF you are a queer person hoping this movie will offer a decent representation, don't waste your time.

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