Jesse Stone: Stone Cold


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 5383

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Viola Davis as Molly Crane
Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone
Alexis Dziena as Candace Pennington
Mimi Rogers as Rita Fiore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rupie 7 / 10

engrossing, middle-of-the-road thriller

This movie is not going to stand out as one of the top ten crime dramas of any year, but it is extremely well made and fulfills the job of keeping one interested and entertained for a couple of hours. The script is good, for which we can credit the redoubtable Robert Parker and the screenwriter John Fasano. The film looks great, and captures the small-town New England atmosphere (although it was filmed in Nova Scotia). Acting is OK all around, especially from the underrated Tom Selleck, who does a fine job portraying the flinty, laconic police chief Jesse Stone, whose dialogue seems to come right out of a Hemingway novel. It should be mentioned that, although made for television, it stands up very well as a straight movie. My only, minor criticism is that I find the perpetrators of the crimes - and the movie lets us know up front who they are, so this is not a spoiler - to be a rather implausible pair. A nice note is the recurring presence of the charming golden retriever, who as sort a wordless Greek chorus to the proceedings. All around, a worthwhile popcorn burner.

Reviewed by marksanman 9 / 10

Enjoyed the Selleck version of Stone Cold

I am an avid reader, and I seldom enjoy film versions of novels that I have read. It is amazing how Hollywood can take an interesting and exciting book and turn it into total garbage.

The Jessie Stone novels by Robert Parker are some of my favorites. I prefer them to the Spenser books because the Stone character is more realistic and multi-dimensional than Spenser.

Having said all that, this adaptation of the Parker book is exceptionally well done. Selleck is perhaps a bit too old to play Stone, but he is the perfect person in all other respects for the job. It has been a while since I read the book, but unlike most other adaptations, this one stays true to the original, and the story survives in the film.

I was not aware that this movie had even been made until I saw and rented it this afternoon in my local video rental store. It was well worth the price.

Reviewed by ODDBear 7 / 10

Tom Selleck in fine form

A better than average TV-drama/thriller.

Tom Selleck is marvelous in the role of Jesse Stone, a former Los Angeles cop who, due to drinking problems, has relocated to a small town called Paradise. He has his hands full as two out-of-towners are killing residents simply for the fun of it. It's only a matter of time between things become personal, both for Stone and the killers.

The character of Jesse Stone makes or breaks a film like this. Fortunately he's a very interesting character and well played by Selleck. Very serious, brooding and a borderline alcoholic but with a good heart, Selleck's Jesse Stone will make you nearly forget you're watching the same guy who played Magnum P.I. As for the story, it's never boring, it's fast paced and somewhat suspenseful but it's somewhat shallow. It could have been longer, it's only just 80 minutes. I actually liked the subplot part of the story better, the one concerning the rape victim.

Director Harmon effortlessly creates an ominous atmosphere, and the town of Paradise is very well realised. This seaside town is an important character here and will undoubtedly play a part in the sequels.

All in all a good TV movie with Tom Selleck in top form. I think I'll check out the rest of the Jesse Stone films.

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