Vampire Hookers


Comedy / Horror

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John Carradine as Richmond Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 3 / 10

Sexy horror/comedy was not Cirio H. Santiago's forté (but then what was?).

Take one word from group A (Ninja, Robo, Samurai, Vigilante, Zombie, Vampire, Alien, Cyborg, Barbarian) and one from group B (Cop, Princess, Assassins, Hookers, Warriors, Strikeforce, Muthaf***kers) and you'll have yourself a movie title that sounds awesome. Get Ciro H. Santiago to direct it, and it'll be crap.

Vampire Hookers, for example, has the potential to be a hugely entertaining piece of bloody, sexy schlock horror; in the hands of Santiago, though, the idea becomes a dreadfully unfunny camp comedy/horror full of juvenile humour (bumbling 'Abbot & Costello' type sailors; a flatulent vampire; lady-boy gags), embarrassing performances (poor old John Carradine as a poetry spouting vamp), and cheap props (styrofoam 'stone' blocks), but zero gore.

About the only thing Cirio does right is to cast three absolute stunners as his titular ladies of the night and get them naked a lot—although, somehow, he even manages to botch a scene in which the lusty bloodsucking babes tag-team a lucky sailor: torturously long and amazingly unerotic, it's hard to believe that anyone can make a three-on-one sex session seem so boring!

Reviewed by suspiria10 6 / 10

Vampire Hookers (1978)

Rating…3 / 5 Genre…Horror, Vampires, Comedy, Filipino Cinema Director…Cirio H. Santiago Stars…John Carradine, Bruce Fairbairn, Trey Wilson, Karen Stride, Lenka Novak, Katie Dolan, Lex Winter, Leo Martinez, Vic Diaz, Erna Martha Bauman Synopsis…Two sailors are on leave in a Filipino port well on their way to looking for love in all the wrong places. After a beer brawl separates them one finds himself in the clutches a bevy of fanged beauties. It seems that a poetry spouting vamp (poor John Carradine) has set up shop uses his Vampire Hookers to nab unsuspecting prey ala Dracula and his brides.

Thoughts…Vampire Hookers is far from the worst thing I've ever seen it's silly as all hell but it still entertains none-the-less. The two bumbling sailors were obviously graduates with honors from the Bruce Campbell School of Cinematic Snickers with the screen shenanigans peaking with a stinky, flatulent vampire. You really have to feel for John Carradine who has horrible lines but at least he had most of his scenes with title bloodsuckers ("'cause blood is not all they suck").

In Conclusion…It's crude. It's silly. You know you want to see it.

Reviewed by ethylester 2 / 10

Really bad

This movie was really stupid. It was like one of those late 60's comedies that aren't funny at all. It must have been written by a really lonesome nitwit who had no friends and wasn't funny.

This movie is full of slapstick, believe it or not. Really bad slapstick. For instance, there's a guy who lives with the vampires (who live in a pretty slick crypt in a graveyard) and he wants so bad to be a vampire. He even sleeps in his own coffin made out of plywood. There's a really strange part that I can't understand what was happening - he gets in the "coffin" and puts a plastic hose in his mouth and starts breathing in and out with it. Then he starts farting a lot. He farts so much that he opens the lid to the coffin and starting wafting his nose. Then the scene is over. ? Yeah, it made no sense.

And there is an ULTRA long orgy scene that lasts for like 10 minutes. It's not even a good orgy. A lot of slow motion hair-flipping, and long long long kisses. It's one guy and three vampire ladies. They show the same kissing parts over and over to this very cheezy porn/helicopter music.

The main vampire man (Carradine) is almost funny. He keeps quoting poetry and claiming that Shakespeare and Whitman must have both been vampires because he really understands their poetry. It's kind of pathetic because he can never find anyone else that cares about his poetry fascination.

And whoever wrote on here about vampires having tan lines, that's a good point. One vampiress is constantly complaining that she can't go play on the beach or get a sun tan, but when the orgy scene comes up, she's got giant tan lines.

The voices they use and the audio system they had are really terrible. This young sailor guy who is always trying to get laid has an old man who smoked and drank all his life voice. Then the young sailor who has the orgy has a voice like that red head kid from Happy Days. It just doesn't fit.

Vampire Hookers = Really bad slapstick humor, awful choices for voice dubbing, a long and boring orgy scene, lots of taxi rides, guys who wear sailor outfits the entire time, and a funny ending credits where each character has their own screen with a shot of them talking and their name.


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