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Sophie Turner as Josie
Daeg Faerch as Gator
Kurt Fuller as Gordie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by franklindf 4 / 10

Not terrible but falls short

Wasn't too thrilled with this mainly because I thought it was overly simplistic, like a Lifetime movie or something made for TV. It's nothing too original, and it's not believable in any capacity. It's like they took some half-baked plot and just executed the thing for a payday. The production quality and acting were ok - it was really just the plot that didn't satisfy me. People mention this movie has a twist - well to me that was mostly just a gimmick because it didn't seem suitable or compatible with the characters. Something that was an aside, I believe the turtles in the movie were unhealthy. Their shells show a condition known as "pyramiding" which happens if they are malnourished. It doesn't mean they are starving but they don't have enough calcium or vitamin D which promote healthy bone growth. The shell should be flat and smooth but when they don't get the right diet, the keratin production gets affected and the pyramiding can happen.

Reviewed by byronfrazier1 6 / 10

good acting, terrible script

Acting in this film is very good even from the supporting cast, but the plot was done poorly. The fact the shes getting justice for her dad who was innocent of a crime he didn't commit makes sense up until the point Josie frames a guy for a murder he didn't commit. Josie shows no remorse for this and just moves on to the next guard which really doesn't make sense, its not like they are responsible for her dad being convicted or that they enjoyed killing her father.

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 6 / 10

Kept Me Engaged Throughout But Premise is Preposterous

Looks like I'm in the minority here and I know it's not for everyone, but I did find this indie rather engaging and clever, that is if you don't think about the premise too much which is preposterous for sure.

Why is a very sexy teen (Sophie Turner), who has just moved in to a motel, coming on to her new neighbor (Dylan McDermott), who is much older than her and quite shy and lonely, with his best friends being two pet tortoises?

As the movie progressed, I pretty much figured out why, but that didn't prepare me for its most violent finale. I found this film kept me interested throughout its duration and wondering where it all was going to end up.

To note, there were no subtitles on my DVD copy obtained at Redbox, but I was able to access them through the closed captioned option on my remote.

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