The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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Kristin Scott Thomas as Ann Ferguson
Benedict Wong as Wiliam Kwan
Mélanie Thierry as Léa / Naomi
Steven Waddington as Stephan Marcus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LucasNorth 9 / 10

A solid character driven action film.

Right from the opening with the brutal murder of billionaire, Neiro Winch, to the end of the film with Largo finally accepting who he is, Jerome Salle, has created a strong, character driven, action film in adapting Jean Van Hamme and Philippe Francq's fantastic graphic novel. From the introduction of Largo - saving a girl from very large soldiers - Salle keeps the story and character beats strong throughout his action sequences. And the way he frames his shots truly shows off the beauty of the world wide setting of a Largo Winch story.

The story is very well done, both in writing and as shown on the screen, concentrating on Largo's life as he searches for his place in life as oppose to action sequence after action sequence.

Tomer Sisley is spectacular as Largo Winch. Playing the role with passion, wit and cockiness. He owns the screen when he's on it and doesn't give an inch to any of the extremely strong actors he's playing against. Kristen Scott Thomas is deliciously slimy as Group W's number two. She needs to play villains more often. My personal favourite scenes are every one with Tomer Sisley and Karel Roden together. Two fantastic actors that both went for it and didn't give an inch to the other.

This is a fantastic action film that has more heart and story then most north American films. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys well written action/espionage film.

Reviewed by morpi-600-332582 9 / 10

Great movie but not in the Hollywood style.

I just can't read all those comments. You are complying that this movie isn't similar to Batman, Superman or James Bond? It's very disappointing that US rating is at 6 points. You liked District 8 - strange camera views and shaking hands, You like Tarantino with his time jumping scenes, and You are complain about movie that has both features. For me, Largo Wintch is real. It isn't a guy who uses laser weapons and flying cars loaded witch tons of explosives. He can't fly - it's an issue. He is in jail, and doesn't want to be rescued by cash - money isn't everything - movie says (at least few times). That movie carries a huge emotional load. I think that this film is voted so low, because it doesn't fit to classic Hollywood scenario of action movies like Superman, X-man e.t.c. Largo is to real, so any complaints are about his way of getting out of trouble.

I was enjoying this film from the beginning to the end. It was unpredictable, well played and well showed. At the end, i didn't know that comic book was precursor.

Reviewed by mbs 5 / 10

Engrossing and well made but largely forgettable action drama

Only been maybe 4 days since i saw it and i've already forgotten the majority of it...The Heir Apparent won't be the most memorable film you've ever seen...but it was a well done enough action film of the "old school" french variety that will play very nicely on TV in years to come. Sleek enough to hold your attention and telling a story that doesn't insult your intelligence but won't really tax it either--the movie works well enough while its going, but once its over you'll either have trouble believing what you just saw, or you won't really care what you just saw--you'll just wanna see another movie asap.

Requiring a daring man of action to save the day but really just a continuing series of action sequences barely held together by a continuing storyline (ironically not unlike district b-13 which while an awesome movie is much much more of an example of "new school" french action film that's more in vogue right now.) The Heir Apparent is supposed to be more of an old school french action movie--like this could've easily been made with jean paul bellmondo in the 70's.

Largo Winch is the adopted heir to the CEO and founder of this gianormous company--when the ceo is found dead--its up the adopted heir to find out why, who, when, and if possible save the rest of the company. (Largo is a guy who loves breaking out of places--you see him as a kid running out the window of his bedroom--he hates being cooped up in one place...naturally a break out of jail sequence is included here, but with the nice twist that largo really really doesn't want anyone to help him with it....he's also apparently fiercely independent which just makes you wonder why he's doing what he's doing but no matter.) Anyways the bulk of the plot is basically Largo being recruited by the board of the company to do whatever he can to keep the company from being swallowed up by its main competitor. (this requires basically getting the majority of stock in the company back from the guy who owns the competitive company, but of course there's so much more to that then just going up to the guy and making him hand over the shares of stock) That's really all you need to know---anything else is stuff that comes up throughout the story that you just kinda roll your shoulders and go with--otherwise you'll have too many questions and to question what's happening here is besides the point.

Some of the action scenes are pretty cool...and the lead actor has an appealing what me worry? attitude that matches the tone of the movie perfectly. The reversals and double reversals that happen throughout the movie don't really add anything besides obstacles for the main character to hurdle over--but hurdle them he does, and well. Kirsten Scott Thomas appears but adds nothing except maybe a sense that something significant is supposed to be happening here, but its pretty clear its not. Ummmm the movie was entertaining enough--like it was fun to watch, but after an hour or so it gets kind of dull, like you start to wonder what the point is, why is Largo Winch so perfectly willing to be used by his father's board members when he himself has no interest in running the company at all anyways---there are flashbacks of him talking to his father that are meant to give depth to largo's character but only serve to remind us that we could be watching a much better movie if Largo could just somehow get out from his father's company's shenanigans. Anyways--it was an OK movie--but there were hints that it could've been something more. As it is its not bad, its actually pretty fun to watch but i'll prob forget i saw it in a day or two.

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