Kevin & Perry Go Large


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Rhys Ifans as Eye Ball Paul
Laura Fraser as Candice
James Fleet as Dad
Kathy Burke as Perry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pauloone1989 6 / 10


'Kevin & Perry Go Large' is a really successful follow up to Enfield and Burke's original TV characters. There is always an ever present danger with feature length adaptations of TV shows, in that they'll not always transfer onto the big screen with quite the same clout (Think Family Guy).

BUT, K&P have done very well.

So maybe the content is crude, but quite frankly it's a perfect reflection of youth culture abroad (yet obviously within a slanted comedic context). People do go to such destinations as Ibiza, Malia, and Ayia Napa and they DO lose their moral code.

K&P is if not anything else, a depiction of REAL youth culture.

Whether it glorifies that culture or not is up for debate. I'd argue that it doesn't as I feel that Enfield's character rather pokes fun at the naivety of youth, and whilst I've been partial to my own dalliances in nutty behaviour, I can sense a critical undertone in the Kevin character.

The film is funny, and the plot is definitely good enough to keep you watching. As a pre-pubescent teen at the first time of watching, I found the film better then, than perhaps I would do now - but I know I could always whip out the DVD, watch it, and enjoy it time and again.

Enfield and Burke were obviously well versed in their roles, but as always too the Mum and Dad characters played by James Fleet and Louisa Rix, were fantastic. Their uppish standards and typical parental attitudes are thrown out the window in Ibiza, and the denigration of these standards not only shocks, but humours you too.

Eyeball Paul (Rhys Ifans) is a refreshingly crude character, and the relationship between him and the boys is one of the anchors of the flick. Typically Ifans plays the role with precision, taking any subtleties and throwing them straight out the window.

All in all, K&P is a good film, but perhaps nothing but. It's hard to tell whether it's supposed to be a no hold barred comedy, or a tongue in cheek critique on British society. Am I supposed to take the film seriously? Or not? For that reason, I've given it six out of ten.

Reviewed by michael-mcghee3 7 / 10

Only appeals to certain audiences

Anyone who grew up in the nineties or early millennium will easily enjoy this. Not quite a great film, but an enjoyable enough storyline, topped off with a lot of funnies and a great soundtrack.

Also anyone who didn't grow up in the era of dance/rave music then I would say you are wasting your time watching this film, as the best thing about it is that a lot of teenagers/young adults can relate to it.

Lets be honest people in their forties or fifties aren't going to listen to Rave Music and go on a holiday to Ibiza to find some sex, pop pills and attend raves.

I would also say anyone who enjoyed the Kevin and Perry sketches in the Harry Enfield programmes should find this interesting also as the film tops any sketch ever featured on the TV programme.

Reviewed by alicante22 9 / 10

Not a masterpiece, but if you are British, quiet entertaining.

I like the film, I gave it a 7, I even use a quote as my signature ("all I wanna do is do it") but I can see that it is not an amazing film, but it does what it says on the tin: its a Harry Enfield comedy - so its a puerile, toilet humour driven extended comic sketch. But it does have an awesome soundtrack, and does chronicle, in a comical way, the rights of passage for a British teenager from the late 90's and the traditional image of holiday with your parents in THE place to be at the time - ibiza.

I was a teenager in the 90's, I loved and still love dance music, I went to ibiza many times and now even live here, and I, like millions of other brits at the time, was a fan of Harry Enfields comedy. So for those reasons, this was more than a reasonable evenings entertainment. If you are looking for a masterpiece of comedy, then Anchorman is a good place to start, so too is The Office. Don't look in the direction of this film unless you know what you are going to get in advance - Lowest common denominator humour that pulls no punches and loves what it is. Enjoy!

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