Return to Sender


Drama / Thriller

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Rosamund Pike as Miranda Wells
Nick Nolte as Mitchell Wells
Ryan Phillippe as UPS Delivery Guy
Shiloh Fernandez as William Finn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 5 / 10

A slow burner that never ignites.

Miranda Wells, a beautiful young Nurse from a small town is invited on a blind date with a tall, dark and handsome chap 'Kevin.' Miranda has definite issues with pens and a few other quirks. When a guy turns up to meet her, she assumes he's Kevin, but events go tragically wrong, later the real Kevin turns up.

There are some definite pacing issues, it is so slow in parts, dare I say it becomes a little boring. Some scenes are so slow and overdone this movie could be edited and shown in less then an hour. The movie itself is quite hard to follow, there are times when I didn't know what was going on. It's a little telegraphed at times, you kinda know what she's all about.

Definitely issues with her dad's dog, but why did she do what she did, I appreciate it was a pretty dress, she never forgave it for that. I think that showed us her capacity for slow and definite revenge.

I love Rosamund Pike, she showed in Gone Girl just how good she is, but here she's just a bit flat and makes Miranda uninteresting, thank goodness for Nick Nolte, he added a bit of spirit and warmth to the film that was otherwise lacking.

When she performs a tracheotomy in the restaurant she got a round of applause? Would that truly happen?

I can't make out if I thought the ending was good or terrible, it was certainly a switch in tempo.

How many hairstyles did she have in this film? Every scene she looked like she'd been re-styled.

Considering the matter this film deals with I would have thought it would have left me sad or angry, but it left me a bit cold.

Some good elements, just a bit of a let down. 5/10

Reviewed by stephendaxter 4 / 10

Just a messy bore-fest, with Rosamund Pike

Return to Sender is a thriller starring Rosamund Pike fresh off her role in Gone Girl which earned her an Oscar nomination. Now although she didn't put in a bad performance in this film, she wont be getting any nominations for this. The plot of this movie was just a complete mess, it kind of had a purpose for the first 15 minutes and looked like it could be a promising film but for the entire rest of the film i had no idea what was happening or why it was happening. Everything about the film just felt very weird and you couldn't like Rosamund Pike's character because of the ridiculously dumb decisions she makes for reasons that you don't understand. Just thinking back on the film there was zero character development for anyone at all for the majority of the film, it is just a series of events that seem to happen then the film moves on to another irrelevant scene and it keeps on doing this until you are bored out of your mind.

The film also decides to take a very odd turn in the last act just out of nowhere. All of a sudden the film decides to throw a curveball with absolutely no setup and no foreshadowing that it just seems very out of character. The terrible writing of the plot and characters really let the film down, you cannot get behind any of the characters and everything just seems ridiculous. In the end The directing wasn't bad and was shot pretty well and Rosamund Pike did her best to use her acting talents to try and save the film but it just wasn't enough to save this messy bore-fest. - 3.9

Reviewed by MilkWithHoney 2 / 10

Return to Writer and Director

How they managed to get well known actors in this ill-fated plot of a movie is beyond me. Maybe they pulled a classic bait and switch and presented one script to get people on board and then filmed an alternate script during production, either way this is what you would call a disappointment to be polite.

Now let's start with the PLOT, the whole premise for the movie was a great idea, loved it from the synopsis, the execution of the plot was discerning. After the inciting incident the whole plot takes a disastrous tumble. You will fail to realize the objective of the film by the end. Not only that the credits couldn't roll fast enough for me and I was so happy that I didn't pay $14 to see this in the cinema.

CHARACTERS: Funny enough, you may just end up rooting for the villain, that's how recklessly this film's plot us put together. I found myself with no compassion for our main character. I did however, feel bad for Nick Nolte, because I couldn't for the life of me figure out how his agent tricked him into this.

I gave this two stars. One for putting a budget together to get the film done and the other for getting decent stars to somehow film this.

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