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Jake McDorman as Jesse
Melissa Leo as Maddie
John Hawkes as Jim
Ellen Geer as Nana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesalmos 7 / 10

Great take on a hard topic to tackle, yet not a great film

Viewers should know first and foremost that this film gets right at the heart of some topics that many find uncomfortable to even think of, let alone watch played out on screen for 80 mins. It is a (pleasantly) surprisingly frank depiction of sex in general, with a focus on specific inclinations/complulsions/hangups/etc relative to the addictive aspects of sex.

And that enough so that there was no future of international release or promos on late-night US tv. No chance of great stardom or adulation. But they did it anyway, and did it honestly, such that it (according to a similarly-afflicted friend) really speaks to the heart of the issue and how actual humans deal with it.

But, due praise given, the narrative was somewhat disjointed in presentation and the final cut a resultant disappointment to me. Not in the least because I think they poorly utilized the brilliant John Hawkes (and, yes, apologies for elevating the male role in a film that's not about him). For that matter, I found the equally brilliant Melissa Leo underutilized as well (also, not about her, I know).

While I endlessly applaud Ms. deGuzman's honesty and sheer courage to bring such a personal role to the screen as she did, I must be honest and say it did not, ultimately, work out that well.

Honest assessment is a 6/10, but I think such boldness and effort demands an extra star.

With any luck, Ms. deGuzman will be back soon with another film more complementary of her talents, and of the talents of those around her.

Reviewed by primenum 10 / 10


I made an account only to review this because I really think it deserves a higher rating. I almost skipped it because of the low rating, but once I saw it had Charlene in it I was very happy. I remembered I was subscribed to her Youtube account and really missed seeing her videos. I really hope she stars in more movies because she was so good in this!

I loved everything about this movie - the way it was shot, the humor, the emotional moments, the likeable characters I actually cared about.. Everything. I just wish it never ended!

I am usually quick to forget movies but I'm sure this one will stay in my memory for a long, long time.

Reviewed by giuseppef 9 / 10


I was sceptical about the movie before watching it, I thought a serious matter like sex addiction could not be seen in a fun way. The movie actually proved me wrong and even though I would have liked to see a bit more of psychological depth to understand the whole love and sex addiction concept better, the take on this was quite innovative and optimist in a way. Loved Charlene's performance, the movie pushed me to research more about the actress and once I found out that the script is based on her real life experience, I can now see how authentic it is.

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